To mark the going live of the Zombie Survival Crew site, we’re having a contest open to all Zombie Survival Crew members. What is the contest? It is three-fold.

  1. A writing contest for short stories and articles to include in our Zombie Survival Crew Anthology – Undead’s Not An Option
  2. An artwork contest (high quality black & white only) for inclusion in the anthology
  3. A cover design contest to design the hottest cover for Zombie Survival Crew – Undead’s Not An Option

How it works:

  • Between now and 1/11/11 write/draw/design something Zombie related and send to
  • All submissions must have ZSC Anthology Contest in the subject line in addition to the submission type indicator as outlined below.
  • All written submissions must be between greater than 1,000 words, but no greater than 10,000 words of original material written by you.
  • All written submissions must be in word doc or RTF standard submission format.
  • Non-fiction articles about survival, weaponry, escape route planning, etc. should state Article in the subject line.
  • Short Stories should state Fiction in the subject line.
  • All written submissions must include a pitch statement (cover letter/summary) of up to 300 words.
  • Artwork submissions must be an original work of art created by you and must be high quality black & white – no color artwork will be considered.
  • Black and white artwork submissions should state Art in the subject line.
  • Cover design submissions must be an original work of art created by you in full CMYK color.
  • Cover design submissions should state Cover in the subject line.

All entries will be reviewed by the co-captains and first round acceptance determinations will be made and communicated 1/21/11 in our Members only area. All entries which have made it into the second round will have the opportunity to make revisions based on feedback from the judges for resubmission no later than 2/5/11. The final determinations for inclusion in the anthology will be conducted at that time.

The prize is inclusion in the anthology and we request both first print and first e-rights for the work to be exclusive for a period of 90 days, but non-exclusive thereafter. The work will remain in print and ebook format for as long as the anthology is being made available to the public, but after 90 days, the work may be in print in other publications or displayed online or in ebook form.

There is no cash prize for this contest and all proceeds for the anthology’s sale will go to the Zombie Survival Crew.

Since you must be a member to participate in the contest, please ensure you have registered on this site as all entries will be validated against Zombie Survival Crew membership.