Welcome Addy Miller to the ZSC Command

Priority Status: High

As with most girls, Addy Miller kept her doll close to her while at the Comic Con in Philadelphia. The difference? Addy’s doll was missing part of it’s face…because it was a doll modeled after her part as a zombie in The Walking Dead. As our booth was right next to hers, I was able to keep an eye on for the entire weekend, making sure she was made of the stuff to be a 2nd lieutenant in the Zombie Survival CrewTM. Let me tell you, she may be the youngest to join the command, but Addy Miller is grace under pressure — something necessary in a leader. With creatures like Chewbaca, zombie Hulk, and Zumby (Zombie Gumby) wandering by Addy kept her cool — even when the worst of all… the StayPuft Marshmallow dude, who caused our fearless leader to tremble, didn’t rock our new 2nd lieutenant one iota. And doesn’t she look sweet with her 1st lieutenant, Sean Patrick Flanery?

Zombie Survival Crew please raise your weapons and welcome our newest Second Lieutenant Addy Miller!