Exclusive SCIFI Mafia Interview with Neil Brown Jr.

Our very own Red Brigade First Lieutenant, Neil Brown, Jr. teases SCIFI Mafia about what is to come in Season Two of The Walking Dead (September 6, 2011)

From SCIFI Mafia: The second season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead this coming October 16th, is arguably one of the most anticipated moments on television this fall season. I know you’re hungry for more zombie-action so dab those drooly chins of yours, SciFi Mafia has got the hook-up for you! We’ve got an exclusive interview with actor, Neil Brown, Jr. (Battle Los Angeles, Fast & Furious) who guest starred as Guillermo in season one and again in season two’s premiere episode, “Miles Behind Us.” Check out our conversation below as we ask Brown about how the change in showrunner will affect the show, the details on his role in the season premiere and who dies in season two!

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The Brigade Commanders – Part I

The Fearless Leader of the Zombie Survival CrewTM, Juliette Terzieff has been rambling around the country for almost a year recruiting for the cause. She has been working tirelessly on not enough sleep, not enough food, and waaaaay too much caffeine to make sure she is selecting the best for the crew. There are those of us in command who feel that she has, on occasion, come perilously close to being mistaken for a shambler herself. This crossbow twirling leader of the Red Brigade is building up all the brigades with the right match of commanders to lieutenants and all this while dodging the attentions of the Unnamed Government Agency (UGA) who have kidnapped her on one occasion and have basically been a pain in our side since standing up operations. But since she just successfully completed the mission of securing both first and second lieutenants for all of the brigades, before she collapsed in a heap, she asked that I share the information with the entire crew.

Red Brigade

As is only fitting, we’ll start things off with the Red Brigade itself. Capably led by Juliette Terzieff, the coffee-mainlining former war correspondent known as the chief or the boss lady around command center, this brigade is prepped and ready for action. While most consider the crossbow, her personal weapon choice, the most formidable weapon in her arsenal, those in command know better — the most feared weapon, which is deployed on a regular basis, is the tackle hug. Get caught by one of those babies, and you’ll be thankful to take a crossbow bolt any day of the week. This is how we knew first lieutenant Neil Brown, Jr. was the right man to be her right-hand man — he is trained in martial arts and can survive the tackle hug with ease.

Neil also is known as a leader who does what is needed to keep his people safe. A very important quality for the Red Brigade. On top of that, he is charming and has ably seconded the chief’s efforts at recruitment. Currently Neil is racketing about the country on various secret missions for command, but when the chief calls, he is there ready to take on more assignments. But when the tide turns and the walkers are coming, you want to make sure you stay clear of the swing of his katana.

To round out current Red Brigade command, we have one of the newest recruits, second lieutenant Viviana Chavez. While new to the crew, her enthusiasm and loyalties are clear. And she didn’t hesitate to call for the .44 Magnum as her weapon of choice. Which shows she means business and is ready to rumble to help support and save her crew.

Your Red Brigade Command

Juliette Terzieff

Juliette Terzieff
Red Brigade

Neil Brown, Jr.
First Lieutenant
Red Brigade

Viviana Chavez
Second Lieutenant
Red Brigade

Stay tuned in the coming week for more command announcements as well as further information on who makes up the leadership of YOUR brigade.