Michael Rooker Joins the ZSC

Priority status: HIGH

Dispatcher: Jinxie G

When your Yellow Brigade commander went to Chicago last month, the last thing I expected was to have Michael Rooker ask about joining the Zombie Survival Crew! Well, he did, and holy crap, we now have The Walking Dead‘s Dixon brothers on the crew, folks. Are you excited? I know I am! *big grin* Can you see my excitement?

I also know Michael is very excited about his role in the ZSC, and boy, does this guy know his weapons! I certainly wouldn’t want to be a zombie with him around. He’s got backups for his backup!

Michael will be joining the Los Angeles crew with us crazies out here on the west coast, and he will be our first and definitely most able Special Forces commander.

Zombie Survival Crew, please give a nice warm welcome and weapons salute to Michael Rooker!

*twirls staff*