Halloween Zombie Apocaplypse – The Virtual Event

We’ve been talking about the three day zombie extravaganza called the 2011 Halloween Zombie Event and how you can participate in person. If you missed the video teaser about it, check it out here. We have also posted the live event instructional videos here and here. But what happens if you are unable to participate in the live event? Will you be left out in the cold wondering when YOU will have a chance to kill zombies? Not on this Commander’s watch. I tossed the problem to Commander RC Murphy, and she came up with the way to participate online via Twitter. If you haven’t read her brilliant plan, the click here an then come back to read the rules and guidelines.

In the previous post we mentioned the use of Twibbons, but found that they would be a little cumbersome for everyone to use, so thought we’d give everyone the graphic to copy and you can either use it to REPLACE your Twitter avatar, or you can MODIFY your Twitter avatar — whichever you like. The avatars will all be the same, but the color signifies what type they are: survivor (green), zombie (red), or idle (yellow). Click the images below and then save the file to your machine. We recommend saving all three up front, so you don’t have to scramble to get one you need during the event.




Rules and Guidelines:
The Basics

  1. In order to participate in the Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Role-Play you must:
    1. Use the HZA hashtag- #HZA11 or a coordinating map sector hashtag such as- #HZA11S3 #HZA11S6, etc…
    2. Apply the image to your Twitter avatar that designates you as a Survivor or Zombie in the Role-Play scenario.
  2. Please refrain from using curse words or engaging in sexual scenes during the 3 days of the HZA event.
  3. Be sure to clarify what is an “action” and what is “dialog” in your tweets. This can be accomplished by putting asterisks (*), dashes (-), or double colons (::) on either side of your action sequence.
    • Example: @UserName77: Friggen zombies! ::RC grabs her sword & charges into the fight:: Eat steel, suckers! #HZA11
  4. To sign in to the event use an action such as: walking outside, waking up, etc. This will establish your presence in the Role-Play scenario.
  5. To sign out of the event while you are away from Twitter do the opposite: lock yourself inside a secure building, fall asleep, etc.
    • In conjunction, players must change their avatar image to the “Idle” image.Fellow players — respect the fact that your comrades aren’t available to play and do not attack when they are not present to defend themselves.

Rules of Combat:

  1. Do not attack “sleeping” or “idle” participants. Players with the “Idle” image are “safe” within the HZA on Twitter event in order to give a fair playing ground to those that cannot participate on all 3 days of the event.
  2. Each attack that is attempted cannot be completed until your opponent has an opportunity to retaliate.
    • Example:
      • @UserName77: @ZombieLuv42 Back off, Bub. ::swings her sword at the zombie’s neck with what little strength she’s got left:: #HZA11S2
      • @ZombieLuv42: @UserName77 – snarls, sweeping an arm out to block the sword and suffers a deep gash in his forearm – #HZA11S2
  3. The victim of the attack will be the one to determine a “kill” or “bite”. Please be fair about how you fight. If an opponent attempts what should be a mortal blow, accept defeat. This Role-Play scenario is for fun, not ego.
  4. If a Survivor is bitten during play, they must replace their avatar image with the one for Zombies and then continue playing the event as a member of the undead.
  5. If a Zombie is destroyed during play, they have the option to drop out of the HZA event to sit back and watch, or they may change their avatar image to Survivor and take a turn as one of the living.
  6. Keep your actions within fight scenes realistic. Play injuries as though “real”. Meaning, if your hand has been injured in a fight, you cannot hold a gun properly for the next round of fighting. Humans are weaker than the undead, play that as well. (This all gives “depth” to the scenario and lends for more entertaining play.)

The Zombie Survival Crew considers the Halloween Zombie Apocalypse on Twitter a perfect chance to test your mettle against the potential of what is to come. Crew members are encouraged to give it a try. Hey, any excuse to take a sword to an undead menace, right? We’ve posted the map again for your reference below: (Click the map to make it larger.)