Commander Mondays: Anthony Michael Hall


By reading this message, you have granted Purple Brigade’s First Lieutenant Anthony Michael Hall temporary control of your mind.

By reading this message, you have granted Purple Brigade’s First Lieutenant Anthony Michael Hall temporary control of your mind.


Brains or brawn? Which would you choose?  In survival situations, brawn may often win. The importance in being able to physically survive unexpected  encounters with the undead can’t be understated… but neither can the ability to think and take intelligent, decisive action.


While First Lt. Hall has not yet been tested against the true horror of the endless shambling horde, this Boston native is surely as well-equipped as any of us to not only just survive, but to stand firm with the other Commanders and loyalists when the time comes. Working from an undisclosed location, Anthony’s movements are unpredictable and undetectable to the always present but rarely seen Unidentified Government Agency (UGA), making him an invaluable asset to the more covert operations within the ZSC.  But even the most covert of operatives must eventually resurface.

Anthony recently made an appearance at Monster Mania 21 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, where he was temporarily detained by one such UGA while attempting to secure top secret documentation for an upcoming international operation. In what surely could have developed into a truly perilous situation, he remained calm, put those cerebral talents to good use and slipped free from the grip of danger to arrive unscathed and smiling at MM21.

Anthony Michael Hall is perhaps most well-known for his role as the beloved Brian Johnson in John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club. An original member of the infamous Brat Pack in the 1980’s, he has taken on several television roles in addition to films, most notably the successful television adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dead Zone. He has also recently appeared in the popular television series Warehouse 13 and Community, and worked on the films Sexy Evil Genius  and Cottonwood.  Our undercover intel operatives have reported that Anthony is currently filming Dead in Tombstone,  starring  opposite veteran actors Danny Trejo and Micky Rourke.

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