Northeast (Blue) Resupply Station: 5B Wilmington, DE (Phase I Site) Part I

Rendezvous Point Blue Rocks – Wilmington, DE

We put out the call for local information on resupply stations, and the Zombie Survival Crew continues to respond. Information is coming in and we’re sifting through and compiling everything for communication to the loyalists. We started with information on South Central Resupply site Midland, TX thanks to Purple Brigade member, Kris O’Dell, and continue now with Wilmington, DE compliments of ZSC Yellow brigader Brian McCabe. Because of the amount of information Brian provided, we’ll post this in multiple parts.


Rendezvous Point Blue Rocks

A key issue with Wilmington, DE is that all major roads ( Rt. 95/ Rt.1/ Rt. 13) in and out can become congested as it can be seen throughout the summer and holiday weekends, which could lead to major issues to get out of town via vehicle.

In the southern part of the city lies the Minor League Ball Park – Frawley Stadium. This Ball Park not only sits off the major routes, but also sits in an area referred to as Riverfront. Riverfront has restaurants, shops, and a Scout shop (a supply point for Boy Scout groups). This position also has dock access to Phase 2 via the River. The ball park, while large, has adequate security opportunities for short and long term stays as a base of operations.

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