Can Music Be Used as a Weapon?



Here at ZSC headquarters we receive volumes of information from all parts of the globe on a daily basis, alerting us to potential zombie activity. Most of the evidence coming in is suspicion rather than concrete fact, so you can imagine how exciting things got around here when we had actual film footage of zombie activity.

Now that we have the footage, we are studying it from all angles to glean what we can. At our focal point is the violin phenom, Lindsey Stirling. Is she friend? Or has she joined forces with the zombie underground? Through the actual footage it is hard to tell. At some points she appears to be able to hold off a zombie attack through music and using the violin bow like a sword to threaten the oncoming zombies. BUT she also joins their band.

Not surprisingly, the zombies are deflected from their purpose momentarily, but then remember they want to eat and a tender morsel has wandered into their midst. All of our research indicates zombies have a firm grip on their single purpose — which is to wipe out humanity one bite at a time. Watch the video yourself and tell us what you think. Is Lindsey friend or foe?



Photo credit: Devin Graham

Photo credit: Devin Graham


In 2010 she was voted off America’s Got Talent and a short-sighted Piers Morgan told her the world had no place for a dancing dub-step violinist. The world has disagreed. Lindsey has gone her own way since then building her fan base doing the thing she loves most, playing the violin and dancing. A true joy to watch and experience. She now travels the world to share her amazing talent with everyone.

Her fabulous YouTube station has a little bit for everyone as she mixes her original compositions with covers of theatrical, video games, and pop. Amazing performances in every one. And if you even half way like the Phantom of the Opera, check out her stunning video. Music is a powerful force and one which can be harnessed to unearth emotions in people … And apparently it can unearth zombies as well. How did Lindsey know to use music against the zombies? And why does she play and dance with creatures who want nothing more than to make her a midnight snack? More research will be required and we’re going to start with her debut album:




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