Pranking the Dead

From the desk of RC Murphy

On January 16th, the command crew stumbled across an encoded piece of information with sources in the Walking Dead camp.  Once we opened the video . . . well, let’s just say we’re thankful the command center is sound-proofed. Wouldn’t want Blue Brigade Commander Reedus to hear our peals of laughter.

While Norman was in Japan doing a promo tour for “The Walking Dead,”  the production company for the show decided it’d be the opportune time to prank him.  Enter Nick Santonastasso.

The New Jersey native was born with only one arm and no legs due to Hanhart Syndrome. But that hasn’t stopped Nick from making the most out of life. Last year, Nick made a name for himself online when he donned zombie makeup and tattered clothes and filmed himself charging panicked customers in a NJ supermarket.

Shortly after, his friends created an online petition, urging Robert Kirkman—the creator of the Walking Dead comics and executive producer for the show—to bring Nick on as a walker.

The show’s producers did one better and flew Nick to Japan to be the zombie in their hidden-camera prank on Norman. With help from TWD star Andrew Lincoln and co-executive producer/FX makeup artist Greg Nicotero, Nick transformed into a walker fit to terrify the show’s most notorious bad boy.

It’s okay, Norman. We won’t tell too many people that you shrieked like a girl.