Commander Monday: J LaRose

After a brief hiatus and several very important missions (which may or may not have involved a horde of drooling zombies, duct tape and a kangaroo) our weekly field reports which we lovingly call Commander Mondays have returned. Because we believe it is important to know exactly who will be leading you forward after the dead have begun to walk the Earth, The Zombie Survival Crew will be bringing you weekly updates with vital information regarding your commanders. This information is equally important to members and prospective members, because… well… because Our Fearless Leader SAID so, and she’s never wrong.

So, without further ado… Orange Brigade, meet Second Lieutenant J. LaRose!


While many of you are no doubt aware of his rather messy demise in Saw III (disembowelment does have its drawbacks), rest assured that the LT is in fine shape and more than ready to take on the ever-growing threat to the human race. You don’t even have to take my word for it, just a glimpse into J’s varied talents and wide range of experience is enough to convince anyone. He can glare a hole in a brick wall in one moment and charm even the hardest of hearts with a winning smile in the next. Coming from a solid background of horror movies, television and short films, J is more than adequately equipped to face the horror in the days that lay ahead. It doesn’t even have to be mentioned that J LaRose is related to a certain Special Forces Commander, but we mentioned it anyway.
JLaRose2J. hails from Chicago, making his first appearances on various television series, including Mortal Kombat: Conquest, In Search of, and short films Butterfly Dreams and The Crown of Rust. In 2006 he made his big screen debut as the unfortunately disemboweled Troy in Saw III (spoiler alert), and from there moved on to Repo! The Genetic Opera and the horror films The Tenant, Insidious and The Tortured.  J has also been involved in many projects coming up in the near future.  Most recently, J LaRose appeared in The Devil’s Carnival,  Insidious: Chapter 2, and the short film Amazing Grace, which will be screening at the Sunscreen Film Festival on 5/02/2014.  You can view Amazing Grace online here:

J LaRose is currently operating from an undisclosed location, and we are eagerly waiting to hear more from him soon. We’re very sure he won’t end up like poor Troy again, at least not any time soon.

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