Out of the Train Car? “The Walking Dead” invades SDCC 2014

Much like year’s past, Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con was jam-packed, trembling in anticipation of the walker horde scheduled to shamble in over the weekend. AMC brought in the big guns, including nearly the entire cast and full producing staff, to discuss the upcoming fifth season for “The Walking Dead.”

And like year’s past, the actors stayed mum while the producers dropped what few hints they could about what to expect while the highlight of the hour was the preview clip they’d prepared.

Before we look at the clip, we’ll go over what everyone said, starting with the producers.

Will Rick and company make it out of the train car at Terminus? Duh. Producers seemed somewhat annoyed that anyone would think they’d downgrade the show’s quality to shoot an entire season inside a small set.

Where are the characters mentally after the chaos in season four? Show-runner Scott Gimple said, “Once they lost the prison—once they lost Hershel—all bets were off. And I think they did find out that you can’t come back from the things that you’ve done. You have to live with them. But also, those things that you have done make you incredibly formidable.” He went on to add, “This season is going to define the characters.”

Any flashbacks planned? It’s safe to say, yes. They plan to show how Terminus and its occupants came to be.

Robert Kirkman admits the show has taken a turn from the comics with the Terminus story line. But throughout the upcoming season, they’ll bring in more content from the comic books and bring the show back on track with them.

Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero said the makeup effects and sets are getting bigger and better. The world will continue to expand. Nicotero teased two walker makeups on the big screen—one a regular walker who has decayed with the same sort of progress we’ve seen thus far, and the second the Water-Logged walker from a scene where the survivors encounter a flooded room full of undead.

On the cast portion of the panel, Andrew Lincoln said while it was great for Rick to be reined in by Hershel, it feels right now to have his gun back and boots on.

Steven Yeun thinks Glenn’s unwavering hope will see him through the trouble ahead of the crew.

In Lauren Cohan’s opinion, Maggie will never be the same. None of them will. Even if there was a cure for the walkers, there will still be bad guys.

Newcomer Michael Cudlitz, who was slightly dazed at the number of fans in Hall H, didn’t feel pressured to become an exact replica of Abraham from the comics. The cast welcomed him with open arms.

When asked about the two sides to Michonne—the killer and the woman still mourning her losses—Danai Gurira said she loves the challenges posed by both sides, and readily admits she was afraid of the physical demands from the role.

Jokingly, panel moderator Chris Hardwick handed Melissa McBride a bouquet of flowers. Which she proceeded to march down the table to pawn them off on someone else. The cast hid. Norman Reedus wasn’t quite quick enough. When asked about Carol’s story arc from season one through season four, Melissa said, “I think the great thing about Carol is she’s kinda prepared to do anything.”

Chad L. Coleman said, “If you don’t have the heart, you can’t have the hope,” in reference to the tense confrontation between Carol and Tyreese last season, adding that Tyreese never lost sight of Carol’s humanity and bravery.

Beth is alive. Somewhere. So says Emily Kinney.

Norman Reedus was convinced he’d die during his second episode on the show and never thought he’d see Daryl make it this far.

Surprise guest—and first-time SDCC attendee—Chandler Riggs surprised the crowd in Hall H by walking on stage with a huge tub of chocolate pudding. Having grown up on the show (he’s 15 now) he said it’s been an awesome experience with great mentors in his cast mates.

We’ll let the preview clip speak for itself.

Mark your calendars. “The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on October 12th at 9 PM.

Commander Monday: Brimstone

Zombie Survival Crew’s Special Forces Unit is the place for the strongest, toughest and most experienced battle-ready warriors of our team. You won’t always find them on the front lines, but you can count on them to be there when the situation calls for expertise and precision, or even when some good old-fashioned butt kicking is needed.

This week we introduce you to our Special Forces Unit’s most versatile and multi-talented members. This man has worn many hats – actor, wrestler, philanthropist, comic book hero and so much more – ZSC brigadiers, salute Special Forces Unit member Brimstone.


A man of many talents, Brimstone started his career at an early age with children’s television series Sesame Street and Romper Room.  The New York City native had a career in music performing with bands such as Image, Who’s Laughing Now, and Bugsy.  However, his interests soon led him down another path. At the age of 21 he launched a career in wrestling, finding his spot in the ring among leaders in sport entertainment nationally, internationally, and across the independent circuit.

Before long, Brimstone discovered a new passion, and stormed the comic book scene with an arsenal of creativity and talent! As co-founder, President and CEO of Hound Comics, Inc Brimstone  launched his comic book series Brimstone and The Borderhounds on October 31, 2010 at Borders Books and within months the series was a worldwide success.

Deep inside the Borderlands a seemingly endless well of creative merchandise was discovered

Borderhounds has a line of branded merchandise including Eastsport Backpacks – not too shabby for creating a Go-Bag, in case you were wondering –  Troll Lord Games for Brimstone RPG’s, Demeter Fragrances (Cologne/Perfume), 3 Coconut Monkey (Vinyl/Plush Toys), Dragon Song Forge (Brimstone Swords), Serenity Custom Drums and… food.

Lots of food. Spicy, hot and sweet.

Brimstone has labels under CaJohn’s Fiery Foods and The Jerky Connection, (Brimstone’s jerky  is a perfect addition to any go-bag for tasty on the road rations),  ButterWinks Cookies for the sweet tooth and a multi-award winning line of gourmet hot sauces and spicy seasonings. … are you hungry yet? Check out Food Hound: Tidbits for more palate-pleasers!

When Brimstone is not watching over the Barren Wastelands, brewing up a new hot sauce flavor or developing yet another brilliant plot for worldwide domination, he can be found at various conventions and events across the United States. As proof that even the toughest of tough guys can also have a heart of gold, Brimstone also volunteers his time aiding numerous charities and causes, including: RADD (Rockers Actors and Athletes Against Driving Drunk), and Project Meridian Foundation.

You never know Brimstone might be cooking up next! Follow along on his Facebook Page and check out his website www.entrancetohell.com for news, updates and more.


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