Zombie Reviews . . . JeruZalem


Technology often impacts the way filmmakers approach their next big project. In this case, newly available technology gave the filmmakers a way to “shoot” everything through the main character’s eyes using Google’s Glass. Do the adaptations to typical cinematography style make the footage as nauseating as Blair Witch? Not really. The bouncing around isn’t as erratic as home camera footage films and comes across as more natural movement which doesn’t jerk viewer’s attention around so much, they get motion sickness. The downside to using new technology as the backbone in the film shows in the creature development and the final string of fight scenes. A lot of the digital work went into animating Glass effects, not so much on the fully transformed undead. No idea is perfect. And as much as I’d love to buck against something as gimmicky as using Glass to film 98% of the footage, it works for the plot and for the acting talents of those involved. A bigger production would’ve buried some of these performances, or highlighted how one main actress was best used for her voice alone because on-camera, her performance becomes stilted and uncomfortable to witness.

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