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Why join the Zombie Survival Crew?

The Zombie Survival CrewTM is an interactive community for fans of the zombie, sci-fi and horror genres that encourages its members to consider disaster preparedness and community engagement as a means to beat back the undead hordes—or weather any natural or man-made disaster.

With a star-studded command crew, our Fearless Leaders, including Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, IronE Singleton and Anthony Michael Hall, we work to bring site members information on everything from the latest art within the genres and exclusive ZSC celebrity contests, to opportunities to support relief efforts for natural disasters and examinations of how people can prepare to face the worst.

  • For would-be survivors the Zombie Survival Crew provides information on subjects such as the best vehicles in a disaster situation, how to beat the loss of electricity/Internet and how to stock a first-rate survival bag.
  • For writers, artists and filmmakers the ZSC provides not only a place to learn about what others are producing within these genres, but also to highlight our members’ creations. We encourage members to let us know what they’re producing and contribute works to the news section.
  • Membership is free and open to anyone! Every individual has a skill set that will help promote collective survival in a disaster situation—and we want to hear what yours are!
  • For international cataclysmic events, such as the March 2011 Japan tsunami-earthquake, we will provide members with information on how to get involved in relief efforts if they so desire.
  • Members are mapped by city, state and country and grouped into brigades to help inform our escape route and resupply stations for the impending zombiepocalype. The mapping process is also intended to be used in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster to identify how many ZSC members are in an affected area and how we can consider mobilizing as a group to help relief efforts.
  • And members are encouraged to share their brigade pride and share what makes the Zombie Survival Crew special to them.

For every member, the Zombie Survival CrewTM is an interactive community which allows you to participate to your level of comfort. While we issue brigade missions, run contests and put out general calls to action; each member decides how the ZSC best fits into their survival preparations!!

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