Northeast (Blue) Resupply Station: Lewes, DE (Phase I Site) Part 3

Rendezvous Point Cape Henlopen — Lewes, DE

We put out the call for local information on resupply stations, and the Zombie Survival Crew continues to respond. Information is coming in and we’re sifting through and compiling everything for communication to the loyalists. We started with information on South Central Resupply site Midland, TX thanks to Purple Brigade member, Kris O’Dell, and continue now with Lewes, DE compliments of ZSC Yellow brigader Brian McCabe. Because of the amount of information Brian provided, we’ll post this in multiple parts.

Rendezvous Point Cape Henlopen

2 hours via Vehicle from Point Blue Rocks – Easy Access Rt. 1 to Rt. 9 to Cape Henlopen Dr.

Cape Henlopen State Park is an old World War II base that not only has observation towers, but bunk houses and a bunker system as well, for optimum security. It also has several large buildings that can be used for housing and/or a Command Center. There is a fishing center for a natural food supply, and the University of Delaware and the US government have a high-tech weather center that could provide a key to communicating with others at some point.

The facility will have a variety of valuable supplies in regards to primitive living, tools, hunting and fishing equipment, resource management tools, etc. One key point for this location is it sits next to the Cape May Ferry, which will not only have supplies, but it also houses various size boats. Quite useful in either falling back to the Phase 2 site or reconnecting with Phase 1’s site in Southern New Jersey. This site also sits just outside of Lewes, which has a variety of retail, restaurants, and a large hospital. Lewes also has a boat yard, which docks everything from sail boats to charter fishing boats.

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Northeast (Blue) Resupply Station: Dover, DE (Phase I Site) Part 2

Rendezvous Point Dover Downs – Dover, DE
We put out the call for local information on resupply stations, and the Zombie Survival Crew continues to respond. Information is coming in and we’re sifting through and compiling everything for communication to the loyalists. We started with information on South Central Resupply site Midland, TX thanks to Purple Brigade member, Kris O’Dell, and continue now with Wilmington, DE compliments of ZSC Yellow brigader Brian McCabe. Because of the amount of information Brian provided, we’ll post this in multiple parts.

Rendezvous Point Dover Downs


1-hour drive from Point Blue Rocks – Positioned between Rt. 1 & Rt. 113

While Dover AFB is close, we’ll assume that it’s a high-risk site, and will require recon after a base of operations is established for Phase 1. Dover Downs is not only a NASCAR track, but also a casino, both fully stocked with various supplies.

The key for this position is the ease of security. While the outside of the race track is open to all access points, the inside of the track can be heavily secured and fortified with great observational points on the top levels. In that area, there are plenty of retail stores, restaurants, and a mall for supplying the base. Key resource at this location will be fuel and auto supplies. Even when there isn’t a race, the facility has a full supply of fuel, vehicles, and parts. One other note, the City of Dover just installed a solar park with 3,000 solar panels in Garrison Oak Tech Park (White Oak Road – behind the race track).

Something to think about.

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Northeast (Blue) Resupply Station: 5B Wilmington, DE (Phase I Site) Part I

Rendezvous Point Blue Rocks – Wilmington, DE

We put out the call for local information on resupply stations, and the Zombie Survival Crew continues to respond. Information is coming in and we’re sifting through and compiling everything for communication to the loyalists. We started with information on South Central Resupply site Midland, TX thanks to Purple Brigade member, Kris O’Dell, and continue now with Wilmington, DE compliments of ZSC Yellow brigader Brian McCabe. Because of the amount of information Brian provided, we’ll post this in multiple parts.


Rendezvous Point Blue Rocks

A key issue with Wilmington, DE is that all major roads ( Rt. 95/ Rt.1/ Rt. 13) in and out can become congested as it can be seen throughout the summer and holiday weekends, which could lead to major issues to get out of town via vehicle.

In the southern part of the city lies the Minor League Ball Park – Frawley Stadium. This Ball Park not only sits off the major routes, but also sits in an area referred to as Riverfront. Riverfront has restaurants, shops, and a Scout shop (a supply point for Boy Scout groups). This position also has dock access to Phase 2 via the River. The ball park, while large, has adequate security opportunities for short and long term stays as a base of operations.

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To read more on all resupply stations, please go to our (for members only) Key Links under the Escape Routes/Resupply Stations section

Undead Is Not An Option: Never Say Die

A gentleman’s club becomes a refuge for the well-to-do when the dead rise, through one member has a dark secret hanging over his head which threatens all who discover it. One by one the group’s number dwindles, until there is nothing left to do but the unthinkable. This alternate history zombie tale recounts the final days in the life of one of the survivors, as his time – and the 1930s – draws to a dark close.

Please note because the characters are dealing with a zombie outbreak, this excerpt may have some strong language.


Never Say Die
by Gary James


The choir invisible isn’t as invisible as it used to be; now streets chime with the tones of their number, and it seems their number grows every day. It is almost as if they have been drawn out into the streets from where they have fallen to join their fellow geaches in some macabre pack instinct unknowable to those of us whose eyes are still bright. Their irrepressible desire for the dark meat disturbs me in ways I have not the words to describe, though Asher seemed able to stand witness to their atrocities with no ill.
     For the longest time I feared I would be ensconced within the walls of the Athenaeum forevermore, a living ghost who bore witness to the darkest of times. As there is little in the way of outstanding duties to perform, I have decided to use what time I have left to put to paper that which I know, and which I have done. Having had time to consider the alternatives, leaving this note – this memorial to events – is most likely the only way my story will be told. I can only hope some souls exist elsewhere in the city; that this is not in vain.
     As days pass by unmourned and unmarked it becomes ever more evident to me my salvation is not to be. I have made peace with my eventual demise, and leave this testimony that some part of it may illuminate that which transpired here, as unbelievable as much of it must seem. You may scoff at my telling of events, for they are indeed incredible, but I am not a man of grand delusion nor fantasies. That you are reading this, that you have survived, is enough for me.
     My name, if such things matter any more, is Lord Henry Abercrombie, though that was not my birth name. I was born in undistinguished circumstances, and by a mix of good fortune and cunning enterprise managed to make good of my existence. Public works may have sealed my reputation, but it was private financing where I truly made my mark, not least of which was scientific funding of up and coming men, visionaries the likes of which rarely achieve their fullest. It was not without some modicum of self-interest in which I bankrolled their endeavors, but I dealt fairly in both contract and company.
     We were to be the architects of a bright new future. We were to be kings.
     One of my protégés was a remarkable American named Weston, who had arrived in London after some scandal or other had disgraced him in the face of his Miskatonic peers. He had the most unique notions of chemical understanding, such that I had ever encountered, and was engaged in research in cataloging something or other which was beyond me. I was assured, from men of good standing, if he were to succeed there would be a pretty penny to be made in the use of such information.
     But that was then.
     Good fortune and cunning, as I have said, were my hallmarks. Both factors played in my favor on the morn of the twenty-first, as my ritual decreed I savored brandy and a Montecristo in the library on the second floor rather than in the reception rooms with the others. Asher was telling one of his stories about, I believe, some far-flung adventure. The disruption came at the ringing of the ten o’clock bell, with Fairfax staggering in claiming to have been assaulted by a most unkempt fellow. His arm was bloodied, and Caruthers – a fine practitioner of the medical arts – set to attendance.
     The commotion outside soon became apparent, and the grand doors were closed almost immediately. I ventured down to see what assistance I could provide, but it was clear matters were well in hand. Beyond the confinement of the great club, however, the populace was busying themselves tearing at the walls of civilization. Never in my days had I thought to see Englishmen behave in such a fashion, for it was clear to all it wasn’t the expected troublemakers, but good and honest people who were acting in such an undignified manner on the streets.


To read more and find out the depths to which Lord Henry Abercrombie falls, check out Undead Is Not An Option.

Commander Mondays: Sean Patrick Flanery

Known to most for his starring roles in the television series Young Indiana Jones and runaway cult classic film Boondock Saints, Yellow Brigade’s first Lieutenant Sean Patrick Flanery brings to the table a wide variety of talents and experience in matters of survival; Actor, director, writer, martial artist, patriot, purveyor of simple honesty and common sense, and – perhaps most importantly –  future presidential candidate. Despite his ongoing struggles with a powerful Reese’s addiction, Flanery is without a doubt the most suited for the daunting task of leadership, and defending our western shores and if and when it all starts to hit the fan.



Believe it or not, you are not entitled to anything.  If you find yourself saying “I should have A, B, and C, because I’ve done X, Y, and Z” stop immediately and slap yourself in the face.  The world doesn’t owe you something just because you feel that you’ve met some arbitrary criteria that you yourself invented. – Sean Patrick Flanery


Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Flanery began training in various forms of martial arts at a young age, taking part in his first full-contact kickboxing match at the age of 12. He continued his training while attending the University of Saint Thomas in Houston, but then one fateful day he followed a girl to a drama class and was immediately bitten by the acting bug. Later he moved to Los Angeles and waited tables for a living, before long appearing in television commercials and quickly making the transition to TV roles and onto movies. Flanery has an impressive filmography to boast, and remains today one of the hardest-working actors in the business.

When not working on various projects, including film, television and music videos, Flanery can be found training and teaching the finer points of BJJ to his fellow Los Angelians, attending comic-con events and appearances all over the country, online blogging, interacting with fans on various social networking sites, shopping for frozen pizza or spending quality time with Donut – his most loyal friend, sidekick and quite possibly the coolest canine on the planet. He has taken part in the international USO tour and traveled to the Middle East with fellow Boondock Saints alumni Troy Duffy, Norman Reedus and Brian Mahoney.

Sean Patrick Flanery and Blue Brigade Commander Norman Reedus showing their preparedness for the upcoming Z-pocalypse

Flanery is currently working on the film Dark Power,  and will be appearing at Frank Strickland in the TV series Blackout. Be sure to also keep an eye out for the films Scavengers, Phantom, and The Devil’s Carnival.


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Green Brigade Commander IronE Singleton
Purple Brigade: The Oracle


For those of you who have been following the plight of Blue Brigade loyalist, Moira Jones, we received another communication from her last night. You may recall she sent the Zombie Survival Crew command a cry for help, and we are proud of our crew, because the response was immediate. Field reports came in and a rescue mission was mounted. Below is the communication record of a call received last night in the command center. While the situation seems dire for our brave crew member, we will not give up hope.

First Lieutenant SEAN FLANERY/Yellow Brigade
MOIRA JONES/Blue Brigade

Signal Acquired – 22:14

FLANERY: ZSC Command, Lieutenant Flanery. State your name and brigade.

JONES: Oh, my gosh! It works! THE PHONE WORKS!


JONES: Hello? Are you…


FLANERY: Name and brigade?


JONES: … me! It’s Moira!

FLANERY: Moira! Thank god. Are you alright?

JONES: I think so, but I need your help!

FLANERY: Commander Reedus and Rooker have put together a retrieval team. They’re on the way to you now. Just hang on.


FLANERY: Moira? Are you okay?


FLANERY: Have you been bitten or scratched?

JONES: No, but…


JONES: … scared.

FLANERY: Say again?

JONES: I said, I’m scared.

FLANERY: Oh kid. That’s okay. Hell, if you weren’t scared I’d be worried about you.

JONES: I wish Donut was here.


FLANERY: She says, “Stay Dixon strong.”

JONES: Will you stay on the phone with me until the rescue team gets here?

FLANERY: Of course, I will, kid. We just need to make sure you’re as safe as possible. Are you in a contained space? Can the walkers get to you where you are?

JONES: I don’t think so. The only way up to the sixth floor now is the stairs and I blocked the door. I don’t think they can get in.

FLANERY: Good. Now what we need to do is…

JONES: Oh no!

FLANERY: Oh no, what?




FLANERY: Moira? Can you hear me?

*smashing glass*



Loss of Signal – 22:30


Commander Mondays: Meet Jinxie G!

Yellow Brigade, meet your commander Jinxie G! She writes, she reads, she draws and has been known to paint. But most importantly, she is in the spotlight this week for Commander Monday.  She’s also nocturnal, so we’ll  give her a break and turn off the light for a moment…

Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.

Ferocious, loyal, kind-hearted and determined, Jinxie is tall in stature, sharp as a double-bladed machete and not one to be trifled with. She wields a longbow with all the skill of an Amazon warrior, and when she’s done saving the world from the shambling hordes of the undead, she will sit us all down and show that she can cook like the Italian master chef that the she is.

N.L. “Jinxie” Gervasio is a freelance writer and co-editor at Running Ink Press. RIP is an independent publishing company with beginnings as a free e-magazine entitled Forever Nocturne, which has grown into full book publication favoring Modern Gothic Horror Romance. Love vampires, werewolves and all things dark and supernatural? RIP may be the place for you.

Jinxie’s World is a fantastic place that alternates comfortably between the worlds of reality and dreams, filled to the brim with dark wonders waiting to be discovered. Browse the recipes on her blog and you’re guaranteed to experience extreme salivation. Last October she put her talents to work for the battle against breast cancer by kicking off the Fight Like a Girl campaign with custom-designed memory bracelets both functional and girly. She is an active supporter of Defenders of Wildlife  and BioGems and there are those who whisper that she can shapeshift into a wolf by the light of the full moon.

Amazon queen, creator and destroyer of worlds, earth mother and certified zombie slayer, Jinxie is not one to be taken lightly, or trifled with. Without her, the world would certainly be a most unsafe place.

Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G recruiting new members


Creature Feature WINNER!

contest ninja: RC Murphy

As always, you guys have managed to wow us. The Command Center has been buzzing with excitement over the latest batch of contest entries. We asked you to create a zombie, using any medium you wished, put it in an environment… and then kill it. The creativity displayed in the entries we received these last few weeks is amazing.

Enough gushing. You guys want to know who the winner is, right? The first prize winner of our Creature Feature Contest will receive a Zombie Survival Crew t-shirt signed by 11 cast and crew members from The Walking Dead.

First Prize Winner:
@Catella_Snape (Lt Blue Brigade) and @Jessadorkadon (Purple Brigade)!

Congratulations! Here is the video they put together with help from Catella’s daughter, Michelle:


The runner-up will be sent a ZSC logo t-shirt. And the runner-up winner is…

Matthew Jones (Yellow Brigade)!


Here is Matthew’s winning drawing and the story that accompanies it:

This is Johnny Decker. Well, was Johnny Decker. Now he’s just a head, an undead head. Sadly he had decided to tag along with his girlfriend, Penny, and several others to a secluded cabin in the woods. DUN DUN DUN *thunder crash*. While there, the secret gov’t base neighboring the local skinny dipping spot was having some “security issues.” After much grabbing, biting, screaming, and running all but Johnny and Penny were eaten. Though Johnny had become infected from an ankle biter! That’s the plot twist! Luckily for Penny she had been training for years to be a champion lumberjack. Finding her weapon embedded in a tree stump Johnny quickly got the chop; flying through the air (as depicted) he cursed his newly found zombie desire for brains and longed to see his home again. Then he was split in twain by the mighty axe of Penny the Zombie Slayer.
         The End.

P.S. A neat little trick for the kiddies! Print out Johnny Decker and hold down the paper at the center of his head, just above his mouth… gash, with a pin or similar device. Now… spin! Voilà! Flying decapitated zombie head action! Fun for all ages.

Congratulations again to both winners.

If you any of you are still feeling creative, you have until February 20th to submit your entries for our second ZSC anthology contest.

Sean Patrick Flanery Takes (another) Bite Out of the Chief

After a semi-hostile takeover bid, and nearly being run down, you would think your Zombie Survival Crew Commander-in-Chief would know better than to ask Yellow Brigade First Lieutenant Sean Patrick Flanery for battle technique sessions.

Well, he is an expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so it should hardly be any surprise that this PSA from Sean almost knocked me down.

Jinxie G vs. the UGA

Upon returning from Chicago, Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G not only got stuck in Chicago’s O’Hare airport, but it seems that the UGA may have been behind it. After dodging, ducking, and turning corners to get away from them, she’s made it back to her hometown, but not without consequences.

Here, she’s checking in to let us know she’s okay, but it’s clear that the UGA is more present now than ever.

And just like Jinxie says, that means the zombiepocalypse is ever closer.

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