It’s Your Turn Now

Dispatchers: R.C. Murphy & LK Gardner-Griffie

It’s your turn to take a shot at the Zombie Survival Crew commandersTM.

Put the bolts and the blades down – some of you look far too eager with those things – it’s not that kind of shot.The Zombie Survival CrewTM commanders are giving site members an exclusive opportunity: You get to interview us.

From May 11, 2011 through May 20, 2011 you can comment on this post, leaving any question you are itching to hear an answer to. Since we are still trying to remain under the UGA’s radar, please do not ask about the location of the ZSC home base, or anything that may give away personal details about your commanders. Too many of us have felt the sting of unwanted attention from our former allies.

We encourage you to think outside of the box with your questions. Take full advantage of this opportunity while it lasts. With the UGA closing in on our whereabouts it is unclear if we will be able to provide anyone with an inside look into the inner-workings of the Command Center in the future.

After all the questions have been collected, Command will do our best to answer the most pressing matters. Keep in mind, some of the commanders may be unavailable due to ongoing assignments, abduction, and/or mysterious internet connection problems.

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