Addy Miller

Our youngest commander is one you need to keep an eye on. Addy Miller’s foray into life as a walker on AMC’s The Walking Dead gives her a little insight into how a zombie thinks. That is knowledge the Zombie Survival Crew finds very important, given that she doesn’t fall into old habits when its time to take action.

Reporting from an undisclosed location, Addy may prove to be our best bet at tracking the undead movement during the Zombiepocalypse as a Second Lieutenant with the ZSC. She’s tiny and unless you knew her background, seems safe to approach. Careful, there’s a dark side to this young actress. She’s tackled some tough roles in Paranormal, Ghost Trek, and Death and Mary Jane and wants to do more of the same in the future.

Weapon of Choice: Sword

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Addy Miller

Proud Member of the Yellow Brigade

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