J LaRose

No stranger to blood and guts, J LaRose made his impression on the world in Saw III and Saw IV. He’s not just a pretty, disemboweled body, however. J has tackled many rough roles in the horror genre and is a fan as well. That lack of squeamishness is a key component to what the Zombie Survival crew looks for in its command team. We’ve yet to hear of someone that wasn’t freaked out after watching Insidious, yet he survived creating it.

This multi-talented actor comes to us from an undisclosed location. It will give this Second Lieutenant an upper hand when the Zombiepocalypse hits. Surprise is essential for survival during harsh times. The ZSC and its commanders are glad to have J on board and ready to tear into the undead menace.

Weapon of Choice: Whatever Special Forces Commander Rooker is carrying… I trust his judgement.

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J. LaRose

Proud Member of the Orange Brigade

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