Vincent Ward

n1025237053_30302134_1207Few are better suited for the Zombie Survival Crew than those who have already faced the shambling horde and lived to tell the tale. Vincent Ward is one of those. Vincent came aboard fresh from the role of Oscar on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Taking into account his background as an athlete and appearances in countless theater, television and film roles, it is obvious to all that he’s got the skills, the talents and the drive for leadership in the coming days.

Originally hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Vincent has a calm, easygoing demeanor and a towering height that surprises almost everyone who meets him and leaves one to wonder what lurks just below that smooth surface.  Vincent is currently based out of the Los Angeles area, working alongside many other ZSC Commanders along our western shores. We at the ZSC are proud to call Vincent one of our own, and believe are all just a little bit safer with him watching our backs in the days to come.

Weapon of Choice: axe

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