Billy Tackett

As “The Creepiest Artist in America”, Billy Tackett has a long history of capturing the undead–with this paintbrush. Best known for his Zombie Sam, “World’s Foremost Zombification SpecialistTM” then went on to create his Dead, White, & Blue series which protrays American icons as the undead. On the cutting edge of the undead, Billy has been creating icons as the undead long before the “zombie mash-up craze”.

Having such an intimate connection with the undead is definitely a plus–knowledge is king for putting together the best plan. And as he states on his website bio: Avoid visiting if you suffer from heart problems, weak stomach,fear of the dark or a shortness of a sense of humor. Or visit him on Facebook.

Weapon of Choice: Ventriloquism for Dummies — A humane way to save your own skin, and distract walkers.

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