In The News – The Walking Dead Season 3

Top Stories: The Undead

As season 3 of “The Walking Dead” on AMC nears, fans get ready to witness the introduction of “popular characters from the comic book that the television show is based upon, including the evil governor, and fan-favorite Michonne.” (via Bluefield Daily Telegraph)

Adam Sandler has assembled former Saturday Night Live cast members to voice-over his ghoulish Hotel Transylvania. Sandler plays a Count Dracula who is the overprotective father of a “young” ghoul who at 118 years old is eager to break into the world.

“The funniest people I know,” Sandler said of his SNL pals. “That’s why I like doing movies with them.” (via The Standard)

The dead, or rather undead, walked through a shopping mall in the UK (via News Guardian)

Disaster Preparedness:

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