Commander Mondays: Addy Miller

Stand aside, Yellow Brigade! Second Lieutenant Addy Miller is stepping up to the spotlight! This vibrant and fearless young miss has both the brains and the courage to both lead and inspire us all when the inevitable finally begins. While many of us will always remember her as the pajama-clad undead waif in the opening sequences of The Walking Dead pilot episode Days Gone Bye, Addy is no stranger to the industry. At the age of twelve, she is the youngest member of Zombie Survival Crew Command, and it goes without saying that this bright young shining star will only shine brighter as the days grow darker.




Beginning her career as a child model at the age of four, Addy first appeared on the big screen in Addy Miller and Frank Darabont2008, starring as the younger Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning)  in the award-winning film, The Secret Life of Bees. She went on to make guest appearances in the television series Tainted Love, and it cannot be mere coincidence that she also had a small role in Blood Done Sign My Name with Special Forces Commander Michael Rooker. In 2010, working closely with director Frank Darabont and makeup guru Greg Nicotero, her brief appearance in The Walking Dead earned her a permanent place in the memories of zombie and horror fans everywhere. From there she continued on with appearances in the television film The Shunning and the series It’s Supernatural. Her preference for roles that challenge her to draw upon the darker and more difficult human emotions set her apart from other child actors, and she holds herself to her own high standards at all times.


Addy has very quickly become a regular in the comic-con and horror show circuits. When her busy and demanding schedule allows, she can be found touring and meeting fans from all over the world.  This straight-A home-schooled student has been active in raising awareness for autism through public events, charity auctions and much more. Addy also has an interest in the goings-on behind the camera, and it wouldn’t surprise any of us a bit if she were to try her hand at directing, writing or producing somewhere down the road.


Coming soon:

Addy has been working hard and has several upcoming roles in both film and television. She has recently worked on several films including Plan 9 and Nowhere. She has also appeared in the short films Burying the Truth and Red Rose.   Currently in production are Sick People, Dark Places and the Kickstarter-funded horror film The Devil’s Tree.

Keep watching! This young star can only soar higher and shine brighter.

If you’re just joining us for this series, please be sure to check out our previous Commander Monday reports!


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Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse

With the holidays upon us, things have been a little hectic around the command center. Not only are processing all the reports coming in of suspected zombie activity, and with the cold temperatures who knows what will happen, the Oracle is dancing around sprinkling tinsel everywhere and has put up so many blinking lights the command center looks like a 70’s discotech. So despite the serious task at hand, command does have the holiday spirit.

And now to bring you a little holiday cheer is the commander of the Orange Brigade, our very own RC Murphy. And if this isn’t proof that she’s been spending too much time with the zombie bunnies, then I don’t know what is.

Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse (to the tune of Winter Wonderland)
lyrics by RC Murphy

Zombies groan, can you hear ’em?
On the walls, blood is glistenin’
A horrific sight,
A world full of fright
Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse.

Gone away is the old world,
Here to stay is a new world
Of death everywhere
And being so scared,
Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse.

On the sidewalk lays a rotting body,
It begins to twitch and moan and groan.
He’ll rise, very hungry
We’ll arm up then
And blow that sucker’s
Brains all over town.

Later on, he’ll expire,
As we set him on fire
His face full of rage
We’re saving the day,
Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse


Everybody SING! Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse… Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse… Walkin’ in a Zombiepocalypse…



from the


Juliette Terzieff
Norman Reedus
Jinxie G
IronE Singleton
RC Murphy
Anthony Guajardo
LK Gardner-Griffie
Sean Patrick Flanery
Neil Brown Jr.
Anthony Michael Hall
Ted Raimi
David Della Rocco
Casper van Dien
James Gonzaba
Jim Parrack
Tony Todd
Sam Trammell
Kristin Bauer van Straten
Michael Kenworthy
Elizabeth Schaible
Adrian Kali Turner
Addy Miller
Viviana Chavez
Jim Burleson
J. LaRose
Ernie Hudson
Michael Rooker
Billy Tackett
Paul Phillips
Lora Lapoint
Sarah Quattrocci
Grae Wolffe
and JL Coburn

Happy Birthday to Us!

It has been a wild, crazy, and sometimes downright chaotic twelve months. For those of us who were here when the foundation was laid for the Zombie Survival Crew, those twelve months have flown by. When we sat back recently to look over the progress we’ve made we realized how truly astonishing an accomplishment this empire really is.

And we couldn’t have done it without you, our ever-faithful crew members.

Day by day our numbers grow and we’re introduced to new folks that are eager, ready to take on the shambling horde coming our way with nothing more than a 2×4 and their courage to aid them. The sentiment warms our hearts. It also makes us realize how lucky we are that you all have accepted us so readily. Your support has taken the ZSC from, “I wonder if…” to reality with enough energy left over to drag us into our second year of existence.

We’d like to thank our command crew as well. Without their hard work and dedication, we’d be pretty much brain dead by now—Norman Reedus, IronE Singleton, Anthony Guajardo, Sean Patrick Flanery, Neil Brown Jr., Anthony Michael Hall, Ted Raimi, David Della Rocco, Casper van Dien, James Gonzaba, Jim Parrack, Tony Todd, Sam Trammell, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Michael Kenworthy, Elizabeth Schaible, Adrian Kali Turner, Addy Miller, Viviana Chavez, Jim Burleson, J. LaRose, Ernie Hudson, Michael Rooker, Billy Tackett, Paul Phillips, and the crew members that have really stepped up to save our sanity this year: Lora Lapoint, Sarah Quattrocci, Wulfie, Grae Wolffe, and JL Coburn.

Hope you’re ready; we’re hitting 2012 at a dead sprint. Make sure your shoes are tied.

With lots of love,

Juliette, Jinxie, LK, and RC

And now it’s time for a little cake… who wants the eyeball?

Addy Miller asks a favor

The Zombie Survival Crew celebrates the diversity of its troops, boasting members from every walk of life, of all ages, political outlooks, religions and races, in fourteen countries. We even, upon the boss lady’s insistence, have not instituted a “no zombie” policy.


We do, of course, keep a watchful eye on the walkers in our midst but this PSA from Yellow Brigade Second Lieutenant Addy Miller has Command considering letting down our collective guard…just a little.


Command Under Attack

From the Commander-in-Chief

Priority Status: HIGH

Over the last several weeks we at Zombie Survival Crew command have been gathering, sorting and assessing zombie infiltration threats from ZSC loyalists and Commanders around the U.S. and the world.

There have been reports of zombie activity in Vermont, Texas and Illinois.

Confirmed sightings in Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as in Bulgaria and the U.K.

Our bottom line assessment is that the time to act is quickly approaching. With that in mind we prepared the following emergency dispatch PSA to alert Zombie Survival Crew members to the growing danger. But as you’ll see, our communications have been intercepted…several channels compromised. We believe we know who is behind the attack.

Zombie Survival Crew Command urges all members to make personal contact with Command at every opportunity. For those around Chicago next weekend, several senior ZSC commanders including myself, Jinxie G, Anthony Guajardo, Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, David Della Rocco and Addy Miller, will be making appearances at the Wizard World Comicon. If you can beat the horde, please visit the official temporary Zombie Survival Crew command post at the event for a debriefing.

For those of you who are not – we hope you will be able to make personal contact over the coming months and rest assured The Oracle is working purple brigade magic to reestablish secure communications.

Stay tuned ZSC cadres…the danger level is rising.


Welcome Addy Miller to the ZSC Command

Priority Status: High

As with most girls, Addy Miller kept her doll close to her while at the Comic Con in Philadelphia. The difference? Addy’s doll was missing part of it’s face…because it was a doll modeled after her part as a zombie in The Walking Dead. As our booth was right next to hers, I was able to keep an eye on for the entire weekend, making sure she was made of the stuff to be a 2nd lieutenant in the Zombie Survival CrewTM. Let me tell you, she may be the youngest to join the command, but Addy Miller is grace under pressure — something necessary in a leader. With creatures like Chewbaca, zombie Hulk, and Zumby (Zombie Gumby) wandering by Addy kept her cool — even when the worst of all… the StayPuft Marshmallow dude, who caused our fearless leader to tremble, didn’t rock our new 2nd lieutenant one iota. And doesn’t she look sweet with her 1st lieutenant, Sean Patrick Flanery?

Zombie Survival Crew please raise your weapons and welcome our newest Second Lieutenant Addy Miller!

Spooky Empire – Mission Completed


Saturday morning found ZSC Command members gathered round the resort’s Starbucks in search of coffee cups big enough to hold the amount of caffeine we all needed before the Con doors flew open.

And when the doors opened – it sparked a 10-hour onslaught of zombies, demons, bloody priests and people with chainsaws where their hands should have been.

The Walking Dead and Boondock Saints casts were in front of us, Night of the Living Dead to our right, with Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi and Anthony Michael Hall behind us.

Rocco came over to work the Zombie Survival Crew table and lend some extra Command support. Rocco’s move brought Blue Brigade Commander Norman over for a bit. Norman jumped right in and completed a few ZSC Command missions, and got so enthusiastic about it we had to physically stop him at one point.

The Command support of his two Boondock Saints cohorts drew Sean’s attention as well – though it later became apparent Sean has a different take on what ZSC Command structure should ultimately look like. It’s a disconnect I thought we had settled out after the Albuquerque Comicon – but he and I are trying to work it out. Or rather, I’m running from, hoping Sean won’t go jujitsu on me!

Norman, Greg Nicotero, Jon, Steve, Anthony and the rest of The Walking Dead took off mid-afternoon for their panel which many fans later picked as one of the highlights of the weekend. Nicotero thrilled the fans with information about effects and the magic he and his team work on The Walking Dead zombies.

While the gang was gone Lisa and I took the opportunity to scarf down the chicken ZSC loyalist Leigh-Anne procured for lunch, and found ourselves embroiled in impromptu Command strategy sessions with Anthony Michael Hall, Ted Raimi and Michael Kenworthy.

Within an hour all three gentlemen convinced me they were valuable assets to ZSC Command – and I enthusiastically issued rank assignments on the spot.

As the sun began to set, the Con wound down and the after events ramped up. Leigh-Anne volunteered to act as scout and went ahead to scope the VIP party crowd for potential UGA attackers. She immediately felt the eyes of surveillance upon her, but communicated the belief it was safe for Command to enter – as long as we were careful to avoid predator drone attacks.

Norman, Sean, Rocco and Anthony held their own, and ultimately it was Leigh-Anne – our brave volunteer – who suffered the first real loss of the evening when a UGA agent managed to procure her room key. As volunteer keeper of the Communication network she would be repeatedly targeted throughout the evening. We have yet to discern the “why” behind these assaults but can only assume it is an attempt by the UGA to remove Command’s support systems.

We bobbed, weaved and shimmied – and unlike the previous night it was because of the rockin’ music at the poolside party. We even managed to eat at a relatively decent hour. I just wish I could report we actually went to bed at a decent hour. Oh, don’t worry. We all paid the price…




My alarm might as well have had laryngitis for all the good its squeaking did in terms of waking up the living dead (me) that occupied my room Sunday morning. A text message on the other hand seems to have miraculous regenerative powers. Just sayin’.

The call to Anthony and Lisa – to see if they were still among the living – turned into an exchange of moans and groans any zombie would envy. Pretty sure none of us understood what any of the others were saying.

I didn’t quite realize how bad things were until I turned on the light in the bathroom. And I’ll be honest. I screamed. Puffy swollen eyes. Blotchy skin. A general green tone to the skin. For a few heart-pounding moments I feared the UGA had somehow unleashed another assault and infected me. But no. I was thinking, so I couldn’t be a zombie. I think, therefore I am, right?

Phew. Disaster avoided.

Sort of.

Sunday was a blur of monster assaults and UGA probes that seemed to be occurring within a live-action role play of a Marx Brothers routine.

As I attempted to decode an early morning email from Anthony Michael Hall, and Lisa helped Anthony try out a coffin, Leigh-Anne volunteered for a desert mission under extreme conditions. I couldn’t quite believe she still had enough left in the tank to take on a mission of mercy to resupply ZSC command – but she did, and reported back with biscuit sandwiches and coffee.

It was around this time that I ended up with Anthony Michael Hall’s bank card. The scenario that led me to be guarding the card reminded me of an old Danny Kaye movie scene from The Court Jester where he’s trying to remember this tongue-twister: The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true… What? Oh forget it, don’t ask.

On a mission to get something from the ZSC Command vehicle, I opened loading docks doors only to find myself nearly tackled by one Jon Bernthal, who had apparently managed to get stuck outside under the burning Florida sun for some time. Jon did better than Norman, Rocco and I when we all ended up in the Sahara ourselves a little while later.

When Michael Kenworthy decided to don his new ZSC Command tshirt, he changed mid-room without thinking it through – and ended up with people throwing dollars at him. To say he blushed when he realized his mistake would be the understatement of the decade.

Steve played a quick game of ball with The Walking Dead cast mates Chandler Riggs, Adrian Kali Turner and Addy Miller that involved a ninja strike from Norman before he had to take off for his next mission.

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