A Tasty New Survival Skill

Dispatcher: RC Murphy

A few weeks ago we asked ZSC brigadiers over on Facebook what skills they were thankful they possessed in order to best be prepared for the Zombiepocalypse. It quickly became evident that a good chunk of you will rely heavily on the ability to cook to make it through the rough road to survival. We fully agree.

Cooking is a skill lost on newer generations. There are no microwaves and toaster ovens in the ZA, folks. Knowing how to make what food you have last could make a huge difference between living long enough to send the zombies back to the graves they clawed out of and slowly starving to death while taking cover in a cave. Trust me when I say, none of us should go out like that.

Brigade Map of 7 RegionsIn order to ensure our brigadiers have the know-how to keep themselves going, the Zombie Survival Crew commanders have banded together to create a brand new series of posts here on the site with recipes designed to be cooked outdoors over an open flame with whatever foods are native to certain regions of the United States. Each brigade commander has “adopted” one of seven regions and will provide a few ideas for what you can scavenge and eat safely.

Red Brigade leader and ZSC Commander-in-Chief, Juliette, will kick off the blog series next week. No, her recipe is not how to make gourmet coffee drinks in the wild. Sorry.

Grab your oven mitts and get ready to add another vital skill to your Zombiepocalypse survival kit!