Jinxie G’s “Fight Like A Girl!” Campaign

Yellow Brigade Commander Jinxie G has a special promotion over on her website starting today, and it’s all about raising awareness for breast cancer!

As a Zombie Survival Crew Commander, and the crew’s top Amazon, Jinxie is very dedicated to this cause because it has affected more than a few of the women in her family, as well as friends and their families. For the entire month of October, she will be making her survival bracelets in pink & black and pink & white, with all proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Just look at these beauties. You know you want one!

Photo © 2011 Jinxie G

If you would like to order one of these special survival bracelets, please head on over to her website Jinxie’s World and place your order. Not only does she have a post up on her blog today, which we urge you to read, but there is also a page dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

© 2011 NL Gervasio

In addition to the survival bracelets, Jinxie is also donating all proceeds from the October sales of her most recent book NEMESIS to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Nemesis, from Running Ink Press, is marked at the special price of $1.99 for all of October. Available in KINDLE, PDF, RTF, HTML, LRF, PALM DOC, AND PLAIN TEXT ON SMASHWORDS, & BARNES & NOBLE and KINDLE format on AMAZON AMAZON UK AMAZON DE.

So what are you waiting for? FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!


Orange Brigade’s Go Bag Essentials

Orange Brigade

Orange Brigade Commander RC Murphy explains the reasons for her choices of essential Go Bag items…

Each Zombie Survival Crew brigade has specific items crew members should stock in their Go Bag so that when a geographical area goes into alert status and crew members meet at assigned gathering points there is a base supply of essential items. In addition to assigned gear, every individual should also add any items they want or need to have at the ready in the event of an emergency.


Go Bag Essentials:

  • Notebook: The Orange Brigade’s bread and butter is information. However, given how fragile the human mind it, sometimes important information is forgotten in the heat of battle… or a race to escape persistent UGA agents.
  • Pens: Yes, plural. Pens are necessary to write down information. They are also small, easy to lose, and sometimes fragile… as the pen I used to initially write this post chose to prove when I pulled it out of the bag to write. Ink Everywhere.
  • Tea: Caffeine is a wondrous thins. What? You don’t think so? Try approaching commander RC after she hasn’t had any caffeine for two days. Yeah, that’s what we thought. Powdered teas (RC prefers green tea) can be added to any temperature water for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Water: The CDC recommends packing a gallon of water per person, per day in your survival kit. Carrying that much water at a time will be difficult, but a dehydrated zombie slayer is a dead zombie slayer. Pack a couple gallons and keep an eye out for potential water sources. Make sure you purify it first!
  • Dried Fruit: Fruit contains essential nutrients. Carrying fresh fruit in your go bag is just begging for trouble (and really gross fruit jam at the bottom of your bag). Instead we suggest picking up some dried fruit. RC’s favorites are pineapple, apricot, raisins, and dried sweetened cranberries.
  • Nuts: Just like dried fruit, nuts contain essential nutrients that as survivors we will be lacking during the Zombiepocalypse. There is no way to guarantee a well-balanced meal, or heck, any meal at all on some days. Keep an emergency stash handy on days when food is scarce.
  • Knee-High or Tube Socks: These aren’t just a fashion statement. We are pretty sure that once the initial zombie attacks are dealt with, transportation will be impossible to find. And if you do, gas supplies won’t last much longer. Pack extra socks. Just when you are certain you cannot walk another step, change your socks. It will give your barking dogs a refresh, buying you more walking time to get to a Safe Haven.
  • Bowie Knife: The Orange Brigade commander actually packs more than one knife on her person at all times. Her all-time favorite is a folding bowie knife. The large blade is very sturdy, great for a multitude of uses, including a lightweight counter weapon to use alongside a sword.
  • Whetstone/Metal File: Take good care of your weaponry. That is something you will hear repeated throughout the ZSC ranks. A sword or knife without a sharp blade is useless. You may as well try decapitating a zombie with a spoon at that point!
  • Small First Aid Kit: Nothing gives away your location while on a covert mission like a blood trail. A small kit with gauze, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and a few other essentials (tweezers!) will keep your tail covered if injured in the line of duty. It will also extend your life expectancy. Hospitals will be obsolete in the Zombiepocalypse. We have to take care of ourselves.
  • Sewing Kit: Clothing, new clothing, will be impossible to find while on the run from the undead. Unless you are crazy enough to hole up in a department store, that is. We encourage brigade members to pack a sewing kit. You can patch up tears, make new clothes out of the scraps of others. And, brigade members can create disguises to trick the UGA. Neat, huh?

Green Brigade Go Bag Essentials

Green Brigade

Green Brigade Commander IronE Singleton explains the reasons for his choices of essential Go Bag items…

Each Zombie Survival Crew brigade has specific items crew members should stock in their Go Bag so that when a geographical area goes into alert status and crew members meet at assigned gathering points there is a base supply of essential items. In addition to assigned gear, every individual should also add any items they want or need to have at the ready in the event of an emergency.


Go Bag Essentials:

  • Hand sanitizer – Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit. That is what drives most of the choices in the Green Brigade Go Bag. And really, do you want to be eating with zombie-goo on your hands?
  • Surgical mask – Depending on the nature of the virus that erupts, transmission may be as simple as a miniscule particle finding its way into your mouth. And with the other pollutants likely to be floating around a disaster scenario – such as rotting corpses or fuel depot fires – a little extra protection may go a long way.
  • Dried fruit, nuts – Fighting off hordes of zombies and the physical exertion of basic survival will take a toll on the body. Combine this with what is likely to be a less-than-healthy diet for survivors, and a few well-chosen snacks will help maintain strength.
  • Water bottle, water purification tablets – Hailing from the South where the summers are long and hot, I know first-hand the importance of remaining hydrated.
  • Plastic bags for disposal – When normal sanitation and garbage collection systems go down, it won’t take long for a living situation to be overrun by germs…and bugs. Let’s just leave it there, shall we?
  • Safety goggles – Smoke from fires, blood from walker kills or weather-related interference can cut visibility to almost nil. In any disaster situation visual intel is vital to survival.
  • Flashlight – Reliable electricity supply is likely to be one of the first ‘comforts’ to disaster in a disaster situation but that shouldn’t mean you go without light. Solar-powered if you can find it, or consider packing extra batteries.
  • Multi-purpose tool – A Swiss army knife-type tool is a must-have in any survival situation and can help meet food, shelter, defense and first aid needs. Need I say more?
  • Duct tape – As with the multi-purpose tool, a roll of duct tape has potential uses almost too numerous to count. It’s value cannot possibly be overstated.

Mysteries of the Purple Brigade Revealed

Purple Brigade

When you sign on to the Purple Brigade, you sign on to a boat-load of responsibility. It is definitely not for the faint of heart or mind. The Purple Brigade must always be one step ahead of the enemy. Easy to stay ahead of brainless shamblers, you say? Then go ahead and fight it out on your own. Here’s why they are such a threat. They don’t need to sleep, they do not waver in their purpose, and their only goal is to eat… YOU!

The Purple Brigade members are the back office work monkeys of the crew. We collect all of the field reports, watch news around the globe, and analyze all information compiled. Based on all information received, we need to provide direction to the front lines, and get it to them fast. We don’t have any time to waste in preparing the troops. Oh, and don’t worry about being dissed as a “back office monkey” because in times like these monkeys earn a new level of respect.

Sapere Aude — Dare to be Wise is the motto for the Purple Brigade. In the face of danger, when others may react immediately to the threat at hand, the Purple Brigade members must dare to take those precious moments for thought before action. To be wise is to: have the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possess discernment, judgment, or discretion. We must fight our instincts and trust our discernment to lead us to the correct conclusion. And this is what sets the Purple Brigade apart, which is why the Purple Brigade recruits scientists, IT people, writers, and philosophers. We need to have well-rounded and creative thinkers. Which is why the Purple Brigade takes pride in having Anthony Michael Hall as its First Lieutenant. He has demonstrated the type of necessary creative thinking throughout his various roles.

Led by Commander LK Gardner-Griffie, who is known as the Oracle of the Zombie Survival CrewTM, the Purple Brigade will retreat as necessary in the face of danger. The retreat is not a backing down from the fight, but essential to provide time to assess and formulate a plan to ensure the success of the crew. This is why the Oracle’s weapon of choice is the flux capacitor. In the event of a zombie outbreak, Commander LK will use the flux capacitor to go back in time to ensure that the Zombie Survival Crew has sufficient information to prepare for the hordes, which will ultimately result in victory for the crew. The Oracle may also be using the flux capacitor to scout ahead, but at this time the results of any such missions are confidential and classified Top Secret.

This all fits in with the operational policies:

  1. Running Today Keeps The Zombies Away — In order to provide the best support for the crew, Purple Brigade members must stay out of the battle fray as much as possible. The crew needs the knowledge of the Purple Brigade and they don’t have it if you are dead or join the ranks of the undead.
  2. Brains not brawn (to be kept in the head at all times) — Purple Brigade members must be nimble in thought and able to do the heavy lifting with brainpower. Being physically fit does help though, in case you need to engage in flight, not fight.
  3. Isolate the Cause–Eliminate the Threat — This is the crux of the Purple Brigade mission. Find out all we can about what is causing the problem, and then come up with creative ideas for eliminating it.
  4. Knowledge IS Power — Members of the Purple Brigade don’t need to worry about their ability to overpower the enemy in hand-to-hand combat, but do need to be able to outthink the opposition, and our ability to do so gives us power.

Go Bag Essentials:

  • Toilet Paper
  • Laptop
  • Glass Pane
  • Copper Wire
  • Tin Foil
  • Water
  • Tea
  • Toe Warmers
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Tool Kit
  • Mini car starter
  • Protein Powder
  • Fertilizer
  • Oil
  • Duct Tape

Purple Brigade Traits

Wondering about those mysterious members of the Purple Brigade and what makes them tick? After all, what do they do with all that information coming in from all over the globe? Learn more about the Zombie Survival Crew’s “back office monkeys” and how they will help YOU survive in a zombiepocalypse.

Login to the site, or take the time to sign up, and you will learn what it takes to be in the Purple Brigade.

Next week we will continue with our Members Only segment and kick of the discussion of why the articles in the Go Bags for each brigade are essential with the Red Brigade. So definitely check back next Monday.

Warning: The information herein is Top Secret and NOT to fall into the hands of the UGA.

What it Takes to be in Orange Brigade


Orange Brigade

Hang on to your hats, folks. Signing on with the Orange Brigade is guaranteed to be a bumpy ride. This brigade is comprised of truth-seekers, odd souls, and those strong in heart and body. Secrets are the bread and butter of the Orange Brigade. We collect them. We create them. We are them.

Covert ops is the name of the game. Brigade members are encouraged to study their environment and utilize whatever is at their disposal to disguise their presence. It is not uncommon for the Orange crew to become eerily quiet for long periods of time while out on missions for the Zombie Survival Crew. But do not doubt, they are out there somewhere, gathering intelligence.

The real fun comes when brigade members gather together to divulge the secrets they’ve collected. Be prepared for a lot of joking, teasing, and general mayhem. A good sense of humor, as observed by the Orange Brigade motto- Vitam gravita nimia vivis (You take life too seriously)- is essential to survival during the Zombiepocalypse. It is a natural way to vent fears and frustrations that pop up in high-stress situations. Without that outlet, survivor’s minds will begin to cannibalize, turning them into prime zombie bait.

This brigade prides itself on giving the ZSC as a whole not only the information crucial to remain a skip and jump ahead of the UGA, but also the laughter essential to continue putting one foot in front of the other. First Lieutenant David Della Rocco is a perfect fit for this aspect of the Orange Brigade. His acting abilities are likewise useful as he can assume any persona necessary to infiltrate enemy strongholds.

Commander R.C. Murphy leads this brigade with a firm hand and threats of assassination via zombie bunnies in the middle of the night. She encourages members to think outside of the box with their weapon of choice and provides materials necessary to aiding their decision. Years of training make her a force to be reckoned with when wielding a sword or knife, a skill willingly passed on to the crew should they wish to learn how to handle a weapon that won’t draw too much attention to their operations. Silence is key to maintaining secrets.

The Orange Brigade as a whole is highly skilled, incredibly intelligent, and quick to think even while the world is crumbling around them. What looks to be a hopeless situation becomes a virtual playground for them to hone their skills in. They love a good challenge. There are few limits to their drive to find the truth. Keep an eye out for them, if you can.

Go Bag Essentials:

  • Notebook
  • Pens
  • Tea
  • Water
  • Dried Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Knee-High or Tube Socks
  • Bowie Knife
  • Whet Stone/Metal File
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Sewing Kit
  • Duct tape

Blue Brigade Basics

Blue Brigade

Ready to get down and dirty? Then the Blue Brigade is the place for you. Members have no reservations about marching to the front lines, weapons in hand and emerging victorious. No matter who the enemy in question is, be it undead or the Zombie Survival Crew’s mortal enemies. And there are a lot of those in the eyes of the brigade’s commander. This Brigade is proud, loud, and always, always prepared to do what is necessary to protect their own.

Don’t think the Blue Brigade is a bunch of trigger-happy yahoos, though. The brigade is backed by brains as well as brawn. Engineers, medics, and other hard-working folks keep the crew thriving and out of harm’s way. They know their way around a map like a gator in the swamps. This makes them oh-so important in the beginning days of the Zombiepocalypse when ZSC members will be on the move, using the escape route maps to get to safety.

Driven by the motto – Fortis Suberunt (The strong shall survive) – brigade members take pride in the tools that may save their skin some day. Any down time between missions is spent in the weapons shed cleaning, mending, and testing their equipment. They are disciplined in how to handle a variety of weapons, but prefer stealth weapons such as the crossbow.

Commander Norman Reedus spearheads the effort to remain always prepared to defeat impossible situations. His messages to the Blue Brigade are often coded, forcing them to hone skills needed out in the field during ZSC missions. He travels the country, looking for signs that the first zombies have risen while also maintaining a solid line of communication with brigade members. With the help of his First Lieutenant, James Gonzaba, they have whipped together a heck of a team. Just mind the punches and kicks thrown during training sessions. It can get a little… intense.

The Blue Brigade will be one of the first called to action come the Zombiepocalypse. ZSC members should keep an eye on them and be ready to work with this brigade. Trusting a Blue Brigade member to lead you to a Safe Haven may be the very thing that ensures you don’t become an undead kid’s meal.

Go Bag Essentials:

  • Rope
  • Compass
  • Hunting knife
  • Energy drink (liquid or powder)
  • Slingshot
  • Blanket
  • Two shirts
  • Jeans
  • Hammer and nails
  • Lighter/waterproof matches
  • Canned pasta meals and Oreos
  • Duct Tape

Calling All Crew Members

Remember the days when the only things standing between the world as we knew it and KAOS controlling the universe were Maxwell Smart and Agent 99? Max would dive into a telephone booth and be transported to the CONTROL command center. CONTROL understood the importance communication and the need to keep it secure. Whether it be the Cone of Silence, the sneaky (and stinky) mobility of the shoe phone, or Agent 13 tucked away in some object (cigarette dispenser or locker anyone?) to help pass communications along. While CONTROL took care of KAOS, we are facing a whole new breed of adversary, and the word chaos doesn’t begin to describe the state of things come the beginning of the Zombiepocalypse.

When the undead walk, will YOU know who you can trust, and how to band together to face down and vanquish the shambling hordes? Together we can fight and will be formidable… apart you’re alone and fresh zombie meat.

Your Zombie Survival Crew Fearless Leaders are here to help. While CONTROL showed us the way, technology has advanced and we need to develop our own methods of secure communications. Each member of the Zombie Survival Crew is assigned a brigade led by one of our fearless leaders. After this past episode where Juliette and Anthony were abducted by the very people we formerly considered our allies, it has been determined we need to band together against not only the zombies, but government interference in our activities. As you know, the brigade membership is kept secure; available to members only. We will use the brigades to develop communication chains so that in the event of zombie sightings, or additional government interference, we can mobilize quickly.

The next message concerning how the communication chain will function will be posted in the Members Only section of the site. If you are commited to defeating the attack of the undead and will stand firm as a member of the ZSC, make sure you have registered for the site by either clicking the Member Registration Link under About the ZSCrew or click here. Don’t know what brigade you’re assigned to? Check out the loyalist map. Not on the map? Follow @TheZSC on Twitter and you will be put on the map and assigned a brigade.

Zombie Survival Crew are you ready to accept the call? Or will the Zombies call you LUNCH!