Mission Dispatch from R.C. Murphy

Rest assured, your commanders have heard the cries of anguish from our crew and we are in full agreement; the Vatos need to return to The Walking Dead.

Our undercover agents have located targets for a campaign launch in order to make sure they are aware of the overwhelming love the Zombie Survival Crew has for the Vatos.


Your targets:

@GunnerGale, @RobertKirkman, @valhallapics, and @WalkingDead_AMC

We will begin sending #BringBackTheVatos tweets to the targets at 12:00 PM on Friday February 11th. The retreat will be called at 12:00 PM the following day, Saturday February 12th. Times are local to whatever time zone you live in.

Now I know we all feel strongly that our Vatos deserve more screen time, but please keep this civil. -R.C. twirls a sword and gives a stern look-

Sample tweets:

  • @GunnerGale We at the #zombiesurvivalcrew would LOVE for The Walking Dead to #BringBackTheVatos! Please pass the word along.
  • @RobertKirkman Who loves Vatos? The #zombiesurvivalcrew! We’d like The Walking Dead to #BringBackTheVatos. Please pass the word along.
  • @valhallapics The #zombiesurvivalcrew really wants #TheWalkingDead to #BringBackTheVatos.

Get the point? Good. Now go forth and tell the world at large to #BringBackTheVatos!