Calling All Crew Members

Remember the days when the only things standing between the world as we knew it and KAOS controlling the universe were Maxwell Smart and Agent 99? Max would dive into a telephone booth and be transported to the CONTROL command center. CONTROL understood the importance communication and the need to keep it secure. Whether it be the Cone of Silence, the sneaky (and stinky) mobility of the shoe phone, or Agent 13 tucked away in some object (cigarette dispenser or locker anyone?) to help pass communications along. While CONTROL took care of KAOS, we are facing a whole new breed of adversary, and the word chaos doesn’t begin to describe the state of things come the beginning of the Zombiepocalypse.

When the undead walk, will YOU know who you can trust, and how to band together to face down and vanquish the shambling hordes? Together we can fight and will be formidable… apart you’re alone and fresh zombie meat.

Your Zombie Survival Crew Fearless Leaders are here to help. While CONTROL showed us the way, technology has advanced and we need to develop our own methods of secure communications. Each member of the Zombie Survival Crew is assigned a brigade led by one of our fearless leaders. After this past episode where Juliette and Anthony were abducted by the very people we formerly considered our allies, it has been determined we need to band together against not only the zombies, but government interference in our activities. As you know, the brigade membership is kept secure; available to members only. We will use the brigades to develop communication chains so that in the event of zombie sightings, or additional government interference, we can mobilize quickly.

The next message concerning how the communication chain will function will be posted in the Members Only section of the site. If you are commited to defeating the attack of the undead and will stand firm as a member of the ZSC, make sure you have registered for the site by either clicking the Member Registration Link under About the ZSCrew or click here. Don’t know what brigade you’re assigned to? Check out the loyalist map. Not on the map? Follow @TheZSC on Twitter and you will be put on the map and assigned a brigade.

Zombie Survival Crew are you ready to accept the call? Or will the Zombies call you LUNCH!