Valentine’s Day PSA

It is Valentine’s Day. Stow the groaning, folks. Trust me, when this assignment came across my desk I did the same thing. The hearts and candy routine really isn’t my thing. However, I found some disturbing Valentine’s coming into my mail box this week and felt you should be aware of the hidden dangers behind this holiday.

See, even zombies get lonely. They have a hard time holding on to significant others (once they gnaw their arms off…). Because of this lack of companionship, come Valentine’s Day zombies are pretty dang lonely. And hungry. Never forget how hungry a zombie can be.

So take our advice; grab your go bag. Valentine’s Day won’t be all stuffed animals and roses this year. The number of zombie sightings has increased tenfold this year. If you hear someone talking about candy hearts, they may actually be talking about candied hearts. Which are an undead delicacy.

Be safe. Be smart. And for goodness sake, if someone tries to give you a bunny don’t take it!