News on Our Favorite Fictional Slayers

We know you’ve all been itching for news about The Walking Dead since the season 1 finale last December. There have been tidbits coming from the set, messages snuck out by cast and crew from around the time they began filming season 2 in Georgia last month. However, there has never been so much divulged until this week when The Walking Dead took over San Diego Comic-Con.

Cast and crew alike gathered together to face a horde of TWD fans and discuss the upcoming season. And while we couldn’t get a ZSC agent in, the folks at TWD live-tweeted the panel discussion (@WalkingDead_AMC). There was a lot of talk about the rough journey all of the characters would go on; most notably creator Robert Kirkman voicing how he hopes the show continues on to delve into the dark places he’s taken Rick.

“The comic book series has been going for so long, I’ve been able to do all these horrible things to Rick. I think the plan is to get there, but we’re not going to rush.”

What did we learn from the Comic-Con panel? Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman are in the process of discussing the potential addition of comic characters Tyrese, Micchone, and The Governor. (Both admitted to really wanting Ed O’Neill involved some how.)

Season 2 of The Walking Dead picks up right where season 1 left off. “It literally begins with them driving away from the CDC. There’s none of this six months later BS,” says Darabont.

And the biggest news of the day is a CONFIRMED date for the premiere of season 2. The Walking Dead shambles back onto our TV screens on October 16th, two weeks earlier than the previous rumor being passed around. If you heard strange noises from Command during the TWD panel, don’t worry. Zombies haven’t invaded; we all are simply really excited to see our fellow commanders on screen again.

Below is the season 2 trailer that was played after the panel ended. You will see commanders IronE Singleton and Norman Reedus in action. Keep your eyes on the background as well as the action. They’ve put a few clues in about what the future holds for our favorite band of Zombiepocalypse survivors.