Ernie Hudson Joins the ZSC

Dispatcher: Juliette Terzieff

Priority Status: HIGH

Okay, I will admit that the first time I met Ernie Hudson, I almost had to cash in all of my street cred. I spent my teens watching Ghostbusters. And we won’t even go into how much I love The Crow. (It’s kinda embarrassing how haunted I am by that movie. Just… wow.)

So with all of that running through my head, you’ll know just how much I freaked when Ernie and I began discussing the Zombie Survival Crew. Right away he began to strategize escape plans and fighting techniques, going so far as to say his work on Ghostbusters would come in handy during the Zombiepocalypse. I knew right away that he’d be a great fit and extended an invitation to join our command crew.

Ernie has a presence about him that makes everyone feel safe. With him on our side, I’ve got no doubt that we’ll succeed.

Zombie Survival Crew, please raise your weapons and join us in welcoming your newest commander ERNIE HUDSON.