13 Weapons for the Zombiepocalypse

At the ZSC we are all about preparedness. With that in mind we have compiled a list of weapons that will be helpful when the undead rise.

13. Explosives

Zombies are pack animals, much like hyenas. If you find yourself surrounded toss a grenade into the crowd and run like hell. For more strategic use, lay out claymore mines. These use a remote detonator, keeping you out of harms way. Explosives are very handy. However, we do not suggest flinging a vial of nitroglycerin at the zombies. That’s just asking for trouble…

12. Salt

Should you be faced with a magical (voodoo) zombie, the easiest and best way to deal with them is with salt (or salt water). Magic practitioners use salt as a cleansing and protective agent. In the case of zombies, you need to pelt them with it, or put it in their mouth to break the connection with their creator. Salt water works easiest for this. Squirt guns, anyone?

11. Machete

This weapon has a short, sharp blade that makes it easy to wield. Put enough strength behind a blow with a machete and it should cut deep enough to destroy a zombie’s brain. If not, aim for the neck then stomp on the zombie’s head when it hits the dirt.

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