Casper Van Dien joins forces with the ZSC

Priority Status: HIGH

Dispatcher: Juliette Terzieff

Casper Van Dien is no stranger to battling unusual creatures. I’m guessing that might be what helped convince him to stand his ground when I formally introduced myself – an act that now regularly requires me to include “you know, the crazy zombie lady.”

When I ran into him during a recent scouting mission at Monster Mania in New Jersey, Casper managed to hold an intelligent in-depth conversation about apocalyptic disaster scenarios while simultaneously cracking jokes and whipping up the morale of a crowd wilting from “Con fatigue.” He displayed in person the same go-getter personality traits we’ve seen in his on screen roles in productions like Starship Troopers.

Casper left no doubt. This bug-slaying, horseman challenger has the guts, experience and leadership qualities needed to help ZSC Command fight back the shambling hordes.

Zombie Survival Crew please raise your weapons and welcome our newest First Lieutenant CASPER VAN DIEN!!!!

What is Essential for the Green Brigade Go Bag?

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Green Brigade Traits

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