Commander Mondays: Sean Patrick Flanery

Known to most for his starring roles in the television series Young Indiana Jones and runaway cult classic film Boondock Saints, Yellow Brigade’s first Lieutenant Sean Patrick Flanery brings to the table a wide variety of talents and experience in matters of survival; Actor, director, writer, martial artist, patriot, purveyor of simple honesty and common sense, and – perhaps most importantly –  future presidential candidate. Despite his ongoing struggles with a powerful Reese’s addiction, Flanery is without a doubt the most suited for the daunting task of leadership, and defending our western shores and if and when it all starts to hit the fan.



Believe it or not, you are not entitled to anything.  If you find yourself saying “I should have A, B, and C, because I’ve done X, Y, and Z” stop immediately and slap yourself in the face.  The world doesn’t owe you something just because you feel that you’ve met some arbitrary criteria that you yourself invented. – Sean Patrick Flanery


Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Flanery began training in various forms of martial arts at a young age, taking part in his first full-contact kickboxing match at the age of 12. He continued his training while attending the University of Saint Thomas in Houston, but then one fateful day he followed a girl to a drama class and was immediately bitten by the acting bug. Later he moved to Los Angeles and waited tables for a living, before long appearing in television commercials and quickly making the transition to TV roles and onto movies. Flanery has an impressive filmography to boast, and remains today one of the hardest-working actors in the business.

When not working on various projects, including film, television and music videos, Flanery can be found training and teaching the finer points of BJJ to his fellow Los Angelians, attending comic-con events and appearances all over the country, online blogging, interacting with fans on various social networking sites, shopping for frozen pizza or spending quality time with Donut – his most loyal friend, sidekick and quite possibly the coolest canine on the planet. He has taken part in the international USO tour and traveled to the Middle East with fellow Boondock Saints alumni Troy Duffy, Norman Reedus and Brian Mahoney.

Sean Patrick Flanery and Blue Brigade Commander Norman Reedus showing their preparedness for the upcoming Z-pocalypse

Flanery is currently working on the film Dark Power,  and will be appearing at Frank Strickland in the TV series Blackout. Be sure to also keep an eye out for the films Scavengers, Phantom, and The Devil’s Carnival.


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