2011 Halloween Zombie Event

The command of the Zombie Survival CrewTM is dedicated to preparing its members on what to do should the Zombiepocalypse break out. To that end we have joined up with Joseph Tremblay and the 2011 Halloween Zombie Event. This event is designed to play out how you would handle a zombie outbreak in your town, with some people playing zombies, others as survivors, it’s your call. The below video is a teaser about the event to come, giving a little explanation. And of course, your command at the Zombie Survival Crew is going to put the ZSC spin on the event – so stay tuned for future updates on how YOU can participate along with the Zombie Survival Crew. Behind the scenes we are getting some things ready – two forums specifically for Zombie Survival Crew members:

  1. Zombie Survival Crew
  2. ZSC Zombie Event Headquarters

You can register with either Facebook or Twitter for the forums. Each brigade has a check in thread under the Zombie Survival Crew forum, so stop by and give us a shout out with where you represent and what weapon you’re bringing to the party. So start honing your zombie fighting skills or embracing your inner zombie as you prepare for:

Join the event on Facebook – 2011 Halloween Zombie Apocalypse. And join in the discussions on Facebook on the 2011 Zombie Halloween Walk page and look for the Zombie Survival Crew discussion.You can follow 2011 Halloween Zombie Event on Twitter as @2011ZombieEvent