Last Call: Review for Ash vs Evil Dead 203


Last Call
Review for Ash vs Evil Dead 203
By A. Zombie

aved-203-chetpablokellyAsh enlists some help to make sure this party rages hard enough to coax the teens who stole the Delta from whatever shadow they’re hiding in. Chet’s introductory scene is the perfect way to bring Ted Raimi onto the show. It’s bizarre, laced with weird inside jokes, and radiates Ted’s unique charm. Not to mention, it gives us a chance to see a sillier side of Kelly for a few moments—we’ll just ignore that two older, pervy men pressure her into drinking a Ketamine-laced cocktail, first. I will note the tongue-in-cheek PSA after the episode urging viewers not to ingest any cocktail mixed with drugs. They know it’s wrong to include laced drinks, but they’d rather apologize than ask permission. It’s pretty much how everything goes on this show, to be honest.

aved-203-rubykellyplotSo, where exactly is the Delta while the party planning session commences? Getting high and fraternizing with teenagers. Basically, Ash with even less morals. With the Necronomicon left to work its influence on the Delta, things turn to crap fast for Amber, Tyler, Lacey, and their pals. Tyler gets the worst of it, losing his manhood after Amber reads from the book and becomes a deadite. The sheriff’s daughter, Lacey, has a front row seat for each death caused by the Delta—including the final, and most tragic, murder after the dual showdowns during the most awkward party ever at Chet’s bar.

There can’t be a shindig in town without Brock making an appearance. Plus, that’s his bar. Ash left Elk Grove, the bar, and his father long ago. Brock wishes he’d leave again and makes it known pretty much the minute he enters the setup/party. Ruby draws the short straw, stuck on Brock-sitting duty. Basically, she has to stop the old guy from being creepy around young people. One must ask, which old guy? Ash does an astounding job of being weird and obviously out of his peer-level without his father’s aid. It does give Ruby time to try and teach Brock how to speak to a lady, yanking his nose after he makes several skin-crawling advances. Unfortunately, the tree is exactly like the apple it produced and Brock isn’t phased in the least after the assault to his nostrils.

aved-203-mechanicalbullThe Williams men face off twice in this episode. First, to win Amber’s attention for a bathroom fling. Then a mechanical bull-riding challenge to prove who is the better man. Brock wins both. Which is so not a good thing. Pablo kicks Ash’s mopey backside into gear after they discover Amber is a deadite. That’s one fight Ash actually wins. Victory is short-lived. As are Brock’s praises. The Delta arrives at the party just in time to miss the big fight. It doesn’t miss Brock as he’s in the midst of telling Ash something life-changing. Too soon, we’re waving goodbye to Lee Majors and the grumpy charisma oozing from his pores. He made a fun addition to the show and gave them the chance to build Ash’s backstory at last.

Barring another Christine-esque episode, the gang has the Necronomicon and their getaway vehicle once again. Perfect. Now what? They have what the hellspawn desire. The freaky children are hell-bent on raising Baal. Ash is a giant target so long as he holds the book, standing in their way to victory. I suspect we’ll see the gang wiggling like worms on a hook soon to lure the hellspawn in so they can deal with them for good. That’s if they get the chance to plan anything and they’re not side-swiped by evil again.