Brigade Loyalists Represent

As you know, our fearless leader, Juliette, has been on the move of late. She’s been trying to stay one step ahead of the UGA, so they can’t slow down the progress of the Zombie Survival CrewTM. Covering ground as she zigzags across the United States, searching for new recruits for the crew, our leader is traveling stocked with ZSC gear and that stock is depleting with each mile.

Then a curious thing happened on Twitter. We sussed out a hashtag of #RedBrigade, where loyalist @Infernal_Racket was showing her brigade pride by posting pictures of herself wearing Zombie Survival CrewTM gear. What fabulous representation of our crew!!! So, we decided we should give EVERY crew member a chance to show how they represent….

Under our newly established Brigade Central, where soon you will find brigade specific information, you’ll see a sub-menu of Brigades Represent and a section for each of the Brigades to house YOU showing your brigade pride. So get your ZSC gear, have pictures taken of you in it, and send it to command [at ] zombiesurvivalcrew ( dot ) com along with a statement that you are giving us permission to post it or post it on Twitter under the #zombiesurvivalcrew hash, and state your brigade with pride. (Oh and if you come to a convention to see us, the boss lady may just take a snap or two… #justsayin) Which brigade will be the best at showing their Zombie Survival CrewTM pride? That’s up to you!!

Special thanks to @Infernal_Racket for showing her pride and posting the pics.

***Crossbow Salute***