Brimstone: News, Events, Cookies!

Last month ZSC Command introduced you to our newest Special Forces member, Brimstone. Not surprisingly, this man of many talents and much energy has one of the busiest schedules we’ve seen in awhile. Here’s a quick (ish) update for what’s happening in Brimstone’s world.

But first…


Hound Comics, Inc. and Butterwinks Cookies have entered into a promotional relationship. Keep reading to find out when, where and how YOU can get a FREE Butterwinks/Brimstone cookie!


  • Interview with the Superhero Speak Podcast from 9/18/13 – Click HERE
  • Interview with Trash Talking Radio from 9/25/13 – Click HERE
  • Brimstone on the Chimichanga Talk Podcast on 9/25/13 – Click HERE
  • October 7th 10pm – 11:30pm (Pacific Time) – Brimstone will be interviewed LIVE on the Brothers Bear Podcast. Make sure to tune in by clicking HERE.
  • Brimstone will be featured in the November 2013 Edition of Maxim Magazine in an article by writer Steve Leckart. The issue will be on sale on or around October 15th – Keep your eyes peeled!


Conventions and Appearances


  • Make sure to visit Brimstone at Monster-Con taking place at the Wonderland of the Americas Mall in San Antonio, Texas  from September 27th – 29th. First 20 people to visit Brimstone and say, “I wanna be Brimstone Butterwink’ed” receives a FREE Brimstone cookie compliments of Butterwinks & Hound Comics. **Cookies available while supplies last – ONE per family
  • Brimstone will be appearing at New York Comic Con 2013 from October 10th – 13th at the Jacob Javits Center, NYC. Scheduled signing in the celebrity autographing area is Saturday, October 11th from 12pm – 1pm (add to your schedule HERE). Brimstone will also be signing with the Stan Lee Foundation at booth 3148 throughout the entire weekend.
  • Catch Brimstone at the Forest of Fear during their opening weekend October 4th – 6th. The tri-state area’s HOTTEST haunt is located in Tuxedo, New York and is rated within the top ten in the United States.
  • San Antonio, Texas – Brimstone will be back on October 25th – 27th to appear at the Alamo City Comic Con taking place at the B. Gonzalez Convention Center. First 20 people to visit Brimstone and say, “I wanna be Brimstone Butterwink’ed” receives a FREE Brimstone cookie compliments of Butterwinks & Hound Comics. **Cookies available while supplies last – ONE per family.
  • While you’re at the Alamo City Comic Con, make sure to grab your own copy of the EXCLUSIVE ‘Batman vs Brimstone vs Wolverine’ print ONLY at the Alamo City Comic Con. **Available from ACCC while supplies last
  • Brimstone will be appearing at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo November 1st – 3rd at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.
  • Brimstone will be returning to the Great Allentown Comic Con on November 16th taking place at the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown, Pennsylvania.



  • **AVAILABLE SOON** from The Jerky Connection – Brimstone Sweat Heat Meat Treat Jerky! New gourmet jerky using Brimstone’s award winning Sweet Heat Treat (Sweet Chile Hot Sauce). More details as they become available.
  • Brimstone inked a licensing deal with Serenity Custom Drums in the UK for Brimstone based Snare Drums! More details as they become available.
  • Bulky Boy Clothing will be producing a Brimstone/Bulky Boy collaborated t-shirt that will be made available on the Bulky website as well as at Brimstone appearances around the country. Artwork is being done by Hound artist ‘DONT‘. More details when available.
  • Hound Comics, Inc. has officially signed with Troll Lord Games and will be releasing a Brimstone and The Borderhounds RPG (table top role playing game) under the extremely successful Castles & Crusades brand. More details as they become available.
  • Stay Tuned for the first peek at the’ Brimstone’ custom designed YO! Figure being designed for Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment by Christopher ‘Evilos‘ Avalos. Once the piece is completed – it will be auctioned off by POW! to raise money for charity! More details as they become available.


More more more!

  • NEW Contest taking place on the Official Brimstone Facebook – ENTER NOW!
  • Darby Customs to re-create the Brimstone motorcycle from the Brimstone and The Borderhounds comic book series to be auctioned off for two child related charities (Stan Lee Foundation and RAAC). More details as they become available.
  • Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) received word that Brimstone and The Borderhounds product will be seen on the set of the Emmy Award Winning series “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS! We will announce episodes once we are given that specific information; however we are told that the Brimstone (Eastsport) backpack will be seen in Koothrappali’s apartment and the comic book covers will appear as posters in the comic shop in later episodes. More to come.



Special News Report: Get Your Go Bags Ready

From behind the zombie bunny cages of RC Murphy
Alert Level: High

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Commander Monday segment to bring you vital information which may indicate the zombie apocalypse may be heating up.

Often we hear news tidbits that force us to double-check our go bags and weaponry. However, nothing caught our attention about the reality of what we’re facing in the near future like this news article from the Miami Herald.

Here’s a rundown of what the police have released so far. On Saturday May, 26th at approximately 2:00 PM local time, police received reports that two men were in an altercation on a bicycle path alongside a freeway off ramp. Police arrived on the scene and described the situation as a nude man hunched over another man…apparently eating his face.

Yes, you read that right. They claim that the attacker chowed down on the victim’s face. Police used verbal warnings to break up the situation. When that proved ineffective, they shot him. The first shot had no apparent affect. Five more shots were fired into the attacker, according to witness reports. The attacker died on the scene. Paramedics took the victim to a nearby hospital in serious condition—his face unrecognizable.

Police theories right now state that the attacker was suffering from “cocaine psychosis”, which drives a person insane as they literally cook from the inside out (this also explains why he was found nude during the assault).

The police are allowed their theories. We’re allowed ours. Numerous ZSC brigadiers brought this article to our attention, and we thank them for that. This may indeed be a drug-induced psychosis as Miami police claim. Or it could be the first wave in zombie activity. The fact that the man did not react as a human should when the first shot was fired is disconcerting. Lack of pain response is one of the first signs we look for when determining if a person is in fact infected by the zombie virus. It is very rare that psychotic rages push someone to the point of devouring a living human, despite what we’ve seen in the movies. There must be something more to the story than what they’re telling the public.

Also, it is significant to note this incident took place while our commander-in-chief, Juliette Terzieff, is at Spooky Empire May-hem educating the masses on how to respond during a zombie apocalypse. Coincidence? We don’t think so. The chief has checked in to assure everyone her go bag is with her and ready to go. She has given the pre-deployment signal to command, so we are standing by awaiting her further instructions at this time. We are on high alert, and this is NOT a drill.

Please, be on your guard. We will be keeping a close eye on any further reports from the Miami police regarding this situation.