Commander Mondays: Anthony Guajardo

Light Blue Brigade, salute your Commander Anthony Guajardo! Enthusiastic, energetic and loyal, he leaps into action without hesitation, fears neither defeat nor the undead even when faced with the most overwhelming odds and never misses the opportunity to use (or misuse) sharp pointy weapons.   He has a smile even more infectious than the most devastating of zombie viruses and can charm his way in and out of even the most precarious of situations.

Anthony hails from San Antonio, Texas. When he is not busy thinking up ways to save our collective behinds from the shambling hordes, he is a hard-working actor who has appeared in television commercials and live theater since the age of 5.

With high marks for his studies in Technical Theater History, Anthony got his first true taste of the business after landing a featured role in Robert Rodriguez’ film Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Through hard work, perseverance, faith and perhaps a healthy dose of sheer stubbornness, Anthony landed the role of Miguel on the AMC original series The Walking Dead, an experience that he would later describe as the best experience of his life.

Anthony recently worked with writer and director Cedric Thomas Smith in the short film The Symphony of Silence, a powerful story about teen bullying in America today. The film premiered to rave reviews in San Antonio, Texas and also premiered at the South by Southwest and Sundance Film Festivals.


Anthony is currently living in Los Angeles and has continued to train extensively through Calliope Talent under the guidance of leading filmmakers and casting directors. He also devotes time to touring the convention circuit regularly, sharing his knowledge and growing expertise in zombie survival skills.

undercover pigeonsVery recently, Anthony took part in a Top Secret mission to our Caribbean outpost alongside ZSC Special Forces leader Michael Rooker and ZSC Loyalist Steve Cardenas.  With our Red Brigade Leader and Sergeant at Arms providing logistical support and security, highly classified sensitive documents that had been intercepted by undercover carrier pigeons were successfully delivered to Commanders Guajardo and Rooker. The overall mission was a complete success and several new recruits have joined our ranks, including the pigeons.



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