Making Mischief

It is no big secret that Orange Brigade commander RC Murphy enjoys creating chaos in the ZSC Command Center. Inevitably, we’re left bracing ourselves any time she’s let loose, wondering what will go wrong this time. Because of that, we’ve created a list of Top Ten Things RC Isn’t Allowed To Say In The Command Center.

10. We can totally turn weapon’s training into karaoke hour!

9. Does this sword match my skirt?

8. Yes, I will trade weapons for a piece of dark chocolate.

7. Is the ammunition closet supposed to be smoking?

6. Trust me, this is a great idea!

5. I found an awful movie; you guys should watch it.

4. ::Loud Crash:: Oopsie…

3. You can clean machine guns in a bubble bath, right?

2. I switched the coffee to decaf.

And the number one thing RC isn’t allowed to say in the Command Center is…

1. Oh no, the zombie bunnies are perfectly safe to pet.