A Twist on Zombies – Wither by Amy Miles

Going through Zombie withdrawal? Need a quick fix to get you through to February? Look no further … Wither by Amy Miles



Wither is currently on SALE for 99¢ and will be available at this price through TODAY ONLY. If you are looking for a new twist on the stand by zombie theme, give Wither a try and find out why you should fear human nature instead of the “zombies.” And to give you a sneak peek about Wither, check this out — it’s too cool to miss.



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A. Zombie Reviews…Rammbock: Berlin Undead

Reviewer: A. Zombie

Rammbock Berlin UndeadRated: Not Rated (Extreme Violence and Gore)
Starring: Michael Fuith, Theo Trebs, and Anna Graczyk

Before anyone dives into this film feet first, be aware that it is not in English. There are subtitles. If that prevents you from watching any decent film, you need to brush up on your reading skills and suck it up. More often than not, it is worth the extra effort. Is Rammbock (2010) worth it? Let’s find out.

Synopsis: Michael heads to Berlin to talk with his recent ex-girlfriend with a plan to win her back. But something isn’t right with the city. It is too quiet and Gabi is nowhere to be found. Before he can find her, hell breaks loose in the form of ravenous zombies—quick, dangerous—swarming the apartment complex Gabi lives in. Michael finds himself relying on a young man, Harper, and the complex tenants to help him survive and locate his missing girlfriend.

1302907865rammbock_rooftop_imagerezizedRammbock starts off a little slow, building the tension to the first reveal of a new, frightening zombie breed. They’re red-faced, veins bulging under their discolored skin. Foam flows from their mouths. They scream and run as though possessed by demons. In other words, they’re not to be trifled with. The virus that creates them works quickly. Those infected do not die. Instead, an adrenaline rush triggers the change. In theory, if an infected person can remain calm for long enough, their immune system will attack and destroy the virus. It is only a theory; no one can stay calm in the middle of a zombie attack for very long.

rammbock-newly-infectedThe way the virus works was supplied through an age-old zombie film trope—the news feed. It is understandable in the case of Rammbock; the film is just about an hour long. There isn’t enough time to demonstrate the full effect and possibilities of the virus. However, I wish someone would think of a more original way to convey vital information from the government to the people. Use carrier pigeons for all I care, just find another way that doesn’t make the audience begin to zone out after a while.

Mixed with the horror of watching these people trapped inside an apartment complex is a lot of very interesting questions about human nature. Who can you trust? Once you realize there is an outbreak, everyone, even your lovers and family become a threat. One scratch, one bite and they’re chowing down on your face. What is the right way to escape? Several times in the film, suicide is mentioned as an option to be free of the painful truth—there is no way out alive. Or is there? Bravery is walking forward, no matter what frightening thing you face. A handful of the characters are extremely brave, almost to a fault. And the final question is: Would you sacrifice yourself to kill your infected lover, sparing yourself the loss and them the indignity of living as a monster? As one of the monsters, I have to say life as a zombie isn’t half bad. To each their own, though.

Overall I’m giving Rammbock three and a half gnawed-on legs out of five. This is a film that will make you seriously stop and think, “Am I ready to face whatever odds, whatever horrors, in order to live?” Well, are you?

Another Commander Joins the Ranks

Madison Lintz

It has been extremely difficult to keep our excitement about the newest addition to the Zombie Survival Crew Command team quiet. But we’ve been given the green light to let you guys in on the secret. Our newest ZSC Second Lieutenant is….

Madison Lintz!

Yes, we were all heart-broken when Madison said her farewell on The Walking Dead. However, she has been very busy since then, traveling to conventions across the country to visit with loyal Walking Dead fans and filming new projects—on top of a couple under cover missions for the ZSC.

Catch Madison in Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler, which releases on December 25th. She is also appearing on the new show, Nashville, airing Wednesdays on ABC.

Welcome aboard the crew, Madison!

In the News: It’s an Undead Christmas

Top Story

Boy Scout delivers 800 toys to young tornado victims (via Pontiac Daily Leader)

There will be plenty of toys for tornado victims this Christmas thanks to the efforts of Boy Scout Joshua Henderson, 14, of Lincoln.

Henderson decided to help the child victims of the tornado by gathering 800 toys and transporting them 274 miles south to Harrisburg. The project will help him earn the rank of Eagle Scout, a goal he set for himself long ago.


The Undead

Kieran Strange Wishes Everyone A Merry Undead Christmas! (via Cashbox Canada)

With the highly scrutinized end of the Mayan calendar (December 21st, 2012) fast approaching and referred to humorously as the upcoming “zombie apocalypse” by young adults and teenagers worldwide, UK born and Vancouver based pop-rock artist, Kieran Strange has released “Merry Undead Christmas” a single and music video combo that is sure to deliver a few laughs this holiday season.

“I read a story where a gentleman actually spent his life savings building a huge ark to escape the Mayan end of the world,” said Strange. “There’s so much serious face when it comes to this subject, I couldn’t help doing something satirical.”

Five New ‘WARM BODIES’ Posters Provide Undead Puns (via I am Rogue)

Five fresh new character posters promoting Warm Bodies are making the rounds online thanks to Summit Entertainment today.

The posters feature Nicholas HoultTeresa Palmer, and Rob Corddryas characters living and undead, but more importantly, each contains a prominently placed pun, so this series of posters is also a pun run.

Disaster Preparedness

Local Police speak about disaster preparation (via WTHITV.com)

Emergency preparedness symposium focuses on exchange of ideas (via The Anniston Star)



Adrian’s Undead Diary

One of the Zombie Survival CrewTM special operatives has stumbled upon a valuable guide to help us through the coming Zombiepocalypse. With the increase in undead sightings and the suspect involvement of the Unnamed Government Agency (UGA) it is only a matter of time before full scale zombie invasion occurs. We need to use every bit of intel we can to prepare ourselves and the crew.

So when our operative obtained the diary of Adrian Ring, we knew there were lessons to be learned. To give you an idea of what information the diary stores and how it can help us in our preparation for the battle to come, watch the below video.



Adrian’s Undead Diary Teaser

Adrian’s Undead Diary is written in webisode form by Chris Philbrook