A Zombie to Call Your Own

Oh thank goodness, we can finally clue you all in to one of the exciting things Command has been working on behind the scenes without fear of the boss lady duct taping one of us to the desk chair. Well, what has your commanders so thrilled?

Drumroll please.

The ZSC is happy to announce that we are working with Sideshow Collectibles to bring you the chance to win your very own zombie. Okay, not a REAL zombie, because that would be bad.

Starting today, 5-5-2011 and going until 5-20-2011, you all can enter to win Sideshow Collectibles original creation the Undying Carcass. He may be only 16 inches tall, but holy cow is there a lot of detail on this guy, right down to the blood splatter on his hospital gown and the bones protruding from his gnarled fingertips.

From Sideshow Collectibles: “Some call it a virus, others a genetic experiment gone awry. Whatever it is, the hospitals and triage clinics were overtaken weeks ago. Infected have escaped the makeshift quarantine barricades in droves, and survivor strongholds are beginning to falter as desperation sets in. The end is near…Be Ready.”

Scary, right?

How do you enter? Click the banner below and follow the directions on their site. A winner will be picked at random from the entries collected before May 20th. This is too cool of a prize to miss. Please pass it on so everyone has a chance to not only see how rockin’ Sideshow Collectibles work is, but gets a chance to enter to win the Undying Carcass.