Break in the Chain?

The Zombie Survival Crew members are awesome. Your responsiveness to building the communication chain has been much appreciated and we, the Fearless Leaders, salute you. *Crossbows raised* *whispers* Don’t worry, we won’t let Juliette get carried away and start shooting you. On January 29th, we announced the start of the Brigade Buddy system, and you, the faithful crew members have been hard at work attempting to establish communications with your assigned buddy and requesting orders when communications have not been established. Here is the plan:

  1. Attempt to establish communication with your assigned brigade buddy. Please give your assigned buddy until 2/5/11 to respond. With the weather conditions, your buddy could be holed up in the midst of an ice storm without any electricity or means to communicate at the present time.
  2. If you have not received a response from your buddy by 2/5/11, then please report back to the command by commenting on this post.
    1. Your report should contain your twitter ID and that you have been unable to establish contact with your buddy and are looking for reassignment.
    2. Do Not mention the current assigned buddy ID as this information needs to be kept secure.
  3. If you have established contact with your buddy, but no one has contacted you, then please report back to the command by commenting on this post.
    1. Your report should contain your twitter ID and that you have not been contacted.

Thank you once again for being Zombie Survival Crew Loyalists – we will establish a strong chain. Remember – report back on 2/5/11if you have not been contacted, or have been unable to contact your Brigade Buddy. Thank YOU!!

Brigade Buddy

As mentioned in previous communication, the Zombie Survival Crew captains are developing means for ensuring communications remain open while maintaining security for all crew members. In order to maintain security, it is essential to develop a chain of communication along the cell theory, where no one individual knows the contact information or whereabouts of their fellow brigade members beyond the buddies they have been assigned. This reduces the possibility for capture of an entire brigade and will allow us to set up recovery plans in the event of a communications breach. Stand by as you will be receiving a message from @TheZSC advising you of your brigade buddy.

Your ZSC command expects you to establish contact with your buddy and develop a code word between the two of you, for use to ensure both parties have not been compromised. You have also been assigned to someone, so expect to be contacted. Once you have established contact with your assigned buddy and the code word has been established, please report your success to @TheZSC: a simple Mission Accomplished message will suffice. Safeguard your Brigade Buddy’s identity and make sure you are not the link that breaks the chain.

Here’s How It Works:

In the event of a global cataclysmic event, the command center will not have the time to communicate the message to mobilize to all crew members directly. Each brigade leader will pass the message to the first person in the chain.

  1. The first person in the chain then contacts their assigned brigade buddy.
  2. Before passing on the message, confirm your buddy is who they say they are and not an imposter through the use of the code word agreed upon between you.
  3. Once identity has been confirmed, pass the message.
  4. Your brigade buddy will then contact his/her brigade buddy and repeat the confirmation steps, pass the message, etc.
  5. Once the message has been passed to all brigade members, confirmation can then be given to @TheZSC
  6. We will cover what to do in the event of a communication breach in a separate post

Once all brigade buddies have been assigned and confirmed, drills will be conducted to test our communication chain. Will you be ready to heed the call?