Creature Feature WINNER!

contest ninja: RC Murphy

As always, you guys have managed to wow us. The Command Center has been buzzing with excitement over the latest batch of contest entries. We asked you to create a zombie, using any medium you wished, put it in an environment… and then kill it. The creativity displayed in the entries we received these last few weeks is amazing.

Enough gushing. You guys want to know who the winner is, right? The first prize winner of our Creature Feature Contest will receive a Zombie Survival Crew t-shirt signed by 11 cast and crew members from The Walking Dead.

First Prize Winner:
@Catella_Snape (Lt Blue Brigade) and @Jessadorkadon (Purple Brigade)!

Congratulations! Here is the video they put together with help from Catella’s daughter, Michelle:


The runner-up will be sent a ZSC logo t-shirt. And the runner-up winner is…

Matthew Jones (Yellow Brigade)!


Here is Matthew’s winning drawing and the story that accompanies it:

This is Johnny Decker. Well, was Johnny Decker. Now he’s just a head, an undead head. Sadly he had decided to tag along with his girlfriend, Penny, and several others to a secluded cabin in the woods. DUN DUN DUN *thunder crash*. While there, the secret gov’t base neighboring the local skinny dipping spot was having some “security issues.” After much grabbing, biting, screaming, and running all but Johnny and Penny were eaten. Though Johnny had become infected from an ankle biter! That’s the plot twist! Luckily for Penny she had been training for years to be a champion lumberjack. Finding her weapon embedded in a tree stump Johnny quickly got the chop; flying through the air (as depicted) he cursed his newly found zombie desire for brains and longed to see his home again. Then he was split in twain by the mighty axe of Penny the Zombie Slayer.
         The End.

P.S. A neat little trick for the kiddies! Print out Johnny Decker and hold down the paper at the center of his head, just above his mouth… gash, with a pin or similar device. Now… spin! Voilà! Flying decapitated zombie head action! Fun for all ages.

Congratulations again to both winners.

If you any of you are still feeling creative, you have until February 20th to submit your entries for our second ZSC anthology contest.

Zombie Poetry Contest Winners

You all did not make it easy on us, jeeze! After a lot of reading, a lot of praising the talent within our crew, and a ton of debating… we finally managed to agree on the winners. Congratulations to the winners and a huge thank you to everyone who entered. Below are the winning poems for you to enjoy.

Third place winner: Deepdarkred


by Deepdarkred

I sit and stare, surrounded by nothing but filthy air…

There goes the planet, Janet,

But I no longer care.

I wonder somewhere in the back of my mind

If there is something I could find,

To bring back who I used to be,

But there’s nothing there, nothing left of plain old me.

I see the living, pointing guns, screaming and slinging

They still think they can beat this,

Illusion and dreaming.

This cacophony of sound, choreography of misery

All spinning around the origin of our creation’s mystery.

We’re not God’s wrath, or Hell’s mistake,

We are not victims of drug intake.

This is it. Our evolution,

Strange enough, it’s also

A bit of a final solution,

A response to our own filth and pollution,

When they get hit, when they get bit…

They will all know what I meant by it.

And then like me they’ll spin in place

With more than a creepy smile upon their half devoured face.


Second place winner: Kaolin Imago Fire

Brain Cookies

by Kaolin Imago Fire

Prithee tell—what makes a cookie

sumptuous as the mildewed air,

and spongy as a forgotten mattress

used by lovers now long past

their bed-by date

(for all but a daring few)

Know it well? A crazed confection,

dusted lightly with crumbled cranium;

a zombie treat, they come for BRAIINZZZZ

and stay for the obvious pains

taken in the elegant preparation—

down to the very mode of serving:

in severed torso

(half-shell if you will)

Now the hard sell: you’ve caught us

in flagrante delecto—these cadaverous cookies

elevate themselves above the pale

rotting, misbegotten and forgotten dead;

of course, any chef worth their trade samples

their goods, so you must pick your fate:

sample of your own free will or

we’ll hook you some other way

(perhaps some zombie pate?)


And the Grand Prize winner is… Robin Sellman!


by Robin Sellman

Onward travels the shambling hordes

o’er the streets and gravel roads.

With a taste for living flesh

jerking, lurking brainless mess.

The plague swoops down in a swarm

a mass of dead scratch at the door.

Undead crawlers in the night

wand’ring souls lost to a bite.

People scattered across this land

revenent herds are in their plans.

Now we’re living off the grid

clean headshot to kill the dead.

Onward drifts a soulless walker

brains and flesh to quell it’s hunger.

Life that was it never will be

now our world is filled with zombies.

Congratulations again to our winners! And don’t forget to enter our Spreading Holiday Cheer with A. Zombie contest.

September & October Contest Winners

From Under the Desk of Commander RC Murphy

In the last two months we’ve held some pretty epic contests. However, zombie bunnies chewed through the computer cables in the Command center and we couldn’t announce the winners… until now. We’ve banished the zombie bunnies to an empty supply closet (with plenty of, uhm, food). So now without further delay, your ZSC commanders will reveal the Be InSightful and Welcome Back-The Walking Dead contest winners!

The winner of our Be InSightful crime scene photo contest is:

Lynn Tackitt (@pvtgiggles)

Congratulations, Lynn! You’ll be receiving ZSC swag signed by Sean Patrick Flanery.

Here’s her winning crime scene photo. ::salutes:: Excellent craftsmanship and a very creative idea.


And now the winner of our “Welcome Back-The Walking Dead” contest is:

Amy S. (@JadeSun12)

Congratulations, Amy! Your prize is a Zombie Survival Crew t-shirt signed by the following The Walking Dead cast/crew members: Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Anthony Guajardo, IronE Singleton, Jon Bernthal, Chandler Riggs, Neil Brown Jr., Steven Yeun, and more!

Amy had some good insight into what may happen in season 2 of TWD:

“My favorite moment… omigosh there were so many! But I have to go with Merle’s monologue on the rooftop at the beginning of episode 4. He cycled through such a huge range of emotions in such a short period of time, I was almost in shock when the scene ended. Amazing. Rooker nailed that scene perfectly.

For Season 2 – confrontations.

Rick, Shane, Lori.. not sure where they’re going with the love triangle from hell. I certainly expect one hell of an explosive confrontation at one point, maybe a nasty splintering of Rick and Shane’s friendship.

Andrea will confront Dale for ruining her suicide plan. Daryl will probably confront everyone, it’s kind of his thing. But waiting for the Daryl / Merle confrontation is killing me. It will come. It HAS to!

And I’m worried about Sophie.”

Congratulations again to our winners. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ve heard from the zombie bunnies that there may be another contest coming up sooner thank you think.

And a brief, but heartfelt thank you to all the soldiers and veterans out there on Veteran’s Day. ::Crossbow Salute:: from the Command of the Zombie Survival Crew!