Announcement: Undead Is Not An Option


This is a HUGE moment for those of us who have been working on the Zombie Survival CrewTM Anthology: Undead Is Not An Option for months. I know that Juliette chewed through a roll of duct tape in her excitement… no wait… that’s right, we duct taped her in her chair in the command center to keep her from leaking the news before its time. Boy was she mad when she finally chewed through the last of the tape. I had to whip out the flux capacitor and disappear for a day or so.

Anyway, back to our announcement…


Okay – you’ll just have to imagine the champagne cork popping and the confetti flying because it is in virtual land… you just can’t see it. AND not only can you pre-order Undead Is Not An Option we have a special introductory price of $10 for pre-orders and orders through May 20, 2011. This is our way of thanking you the members of the Zombie Survival Crew for being so fantastic. After May 20, 2011, the price will be $11.95. The orders will ship out on May 8th for the pre-ordered copies. Next week we’ll have more news about what the anthology contains, but I can tell you this… it had our fearless leader sleeping with a night light on for weeks after the first read through.

How do you pre-order your copy? Either click here or go the the Merchandise page and place your order now.