Guess What’s in Rocco’s Go Bag!

We have a new contest for you and this one involves David Della Rocco!

“What’s the contest, Jinxie?” you may be asking. Well, let me tell you.

We want you to guess the top three (3) items in Rocco’s Go Bag. The person to guess those top three items, or the closest to them, wins Rocco-signed ZSC gear! Easy, right? Only if you know Rocco.

So, use the comment section to place your guesses (one comment entry per person, please) or email Command at command [ at] zombiesurvivalcrew (dot) com and let’s get this contest rolling, Rocco-style, baby! But let’s try to keep the language PG-13, please!

Contest begins June 5, 2011 and will run through to June 20, 2011.

And GO!


Breaking News: Spy Photo Intercept

Breaking News: The command has just intercepted this photo transmitted by the UGA (Unknown Government Agency). We have Crew members working on the significance of this interception now. Primary questions to be answered:

  1. Can anything be determined as to location? From the surroundings, it appears that our Fearless Leader, Juliette is no longer being held in New Mexico.
  2. Why is IronE pictured with Juliette? Has the UGA used some photo enhancements to make us believe they are together? Or does IronE’s recent radio silence have deeper implications?
  3. Were they forced at gun point (or crossbow point) to smile? There does appear to be a manic quality about the facial expressions.
  4. Where is Anthony? Have he and Juliette been separated?
  5. And finally, why was the picture transmitted upside down? Does this mean that Juliette and IronE are on the execution list?

Obviously, time is of the essence. We need to identify the surroundings, analyze the significance and develop a plan of action. Will we be in time to save our command leaders? Please report any intel back to the command as soon as possible. Zombie Survival Crew – you have your mission – let’s get our leaders back!