Bewitching Book Tours: A Stiff Kiss by Avery Olive


Today, the Zombie Survival Crew welcomes Avery Olive and a peek at her book, A Stiff Kiss

Who knew kissing a corpse would change everything?

Today, the Zombie Survival Crew welcomes Avery Olive and a peek at her book, A Stiff Kiss

A Stiff Kiss
Avery Olive

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

Number of pages: 248
Word Count: Approx. 68,000

Cover Artist: Taria Reed

Book Description:

Who knew kissing a corpse would change everything?

Death always hits Xylia Morana too close to home, but she likes it that way. She hangs out with the terminally ill, attends random funerals, and every so often, when the weather is right, she sleeps in open graves.

But after Landon Phoenix, the high school hottie, dies in Xylia’s arms, she sneaks into the morgue to say goodbye. How could she know stealing a kiss from his corpse would wake him up?

With Landon returned to the living and suddenly interested in Xylia, life has new meaning. But what Xylia doesn’t realize is that by kissing Landon back to life, she’s thrown Life and Death off balance. The underworld demands a body, and it might just have to be Xylia’s this time.


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Publishing Right and Wrong?

This is strictly my opinion and some of you might not agree with me. And that’s okay.

I’ve learned over the years that there is no right or wrong way to get a book published.

Honestly, there isn’t. It’s all up to you as an aspiring Author on how you want to get your book into the hands of readers.

There is a bad misconception, I think, that has developed, and I think it’s best to say that sometimes this is a case of agree to disagree.

Not all books need agents and a Big six publisher. That might not be what you want, and it might not be what works for you and that’s okay.

Let’s face it, there are millions of writers and even less agents and even less publishers. So getting your novel in front of an agent, to which they will love it, become a die-hard fan and sell your novel in a bidding war to one of the big guys is like winning the lottery. Your chances aren’t always in your favour.

But still, there are gamblers. I was/am a gambler. I wrote novels, polished them to the point that I was blue in the face, and then because I still wasn’t sure if it was good enough I sent it to other people for even more polishing help. And then I sent it out to agents.

Then I realized the entire writing/publishing/reading industry is subjective. There will be people that love your novel and people that hate it, and people that just won’t bother reading it. So, if you catch an agent on a good day, you might get a full request or partial and, well, you might even find yourself receiving a rejection.

However what people don’t tell you is that there are other routes you can take. A rejection from an agent isn’t the end of the line for your novel if you don’t want it to be.

If you’ve weighed the options, you’ve decided that you do want to see your book in print, and have accepted the fact that it may not be with a big six publisher, what do you do next?

Decide how you want to achieve your goal of becoming a published Author, plain and simple.

You can find another way to traditionally publish your novel. There are many—with a little digging—publishers that accept un-agented submission. Sure they may be smaller, but they can still get your novel out into the world. You’ve still got a chance.

Since E-book readers have become so popular, and have taken over the internet, this is another way. You’re novel may not land itself a print version, however you can still have the backing of a publisher, you can still get your novel out into the world and you can still reach readers, millions of them.

But wait! There are also publishers that are a combination of the above. They are smaller presses that do e-book and print versions. The best of both worlds, sometimes they are known as POD (Print on Demand) there is still nothing wrong with that. So, your novel only gets printed when someone wants it. You may not find your book on every shelf in the country, but with sites like Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, the Book Depository and many others, your book for a small amount of shipping (or not) can travel across the globe and into the mailboxes of readers—which, of course is your ultimate goal.

Now, say you want your book published, and getting it done, in print and/or e-book is your only concern. There are presses that will do it, for a price. They say you should never have to pay for anything in this industry, or you are doing something wrong. Not always the case, and not always true. If you have a novel that you think will sell, you want it out into the world, but you need help with some of the aspects, like editing, cover design, promoting, and the like you can use what’s called a Vanity Press. I know the name suggests a certain tone. But hey, if you want your novel out there, and you don’t mind paying a little up front for a la carte services then this may be an option to consider. There’s nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

What happens if you are a go it alone type person? And you want complete control over every aspect of your novel. You want to be able to put out as little or as much funds into making your dream a reality, you want to design the cover, you want to write the back cover blurb and you have what it takes to promote and sell your novel. Perhaps self-publishing is for you. For some, this is an option that outweighs them all because it’s you and your novel against the world. There are many great Authors who have hit it big because their self-published novel made waves and grabbed attention.

Also, like playing the lottery, or finding an agent, or getting a novel published you can still be lucky enough to draw the winning numbers. Any of these forms of publication can still get you and your novel the attention it needs to snag a big guy or an agent. It happens. Maybe not all the time and maybe you won’t be that Author, but there’s still a chance.

When it comes to you and your novel, you know what’s best. Publishing isn’t easy, but you can make the ride smoother if you know what you want and you know how you want to get there.

Short Excerpt from A Stiff Kiss:

No way should I be in the morgue. If I’m caught, I’ll lose my job. My dad will probably get fired, too. He’s been warned to keep me out of here.

The walls are lined with thick, square doors, clearly marked with numbers. I stop in front of the one I want. In the middle of that wall, at waist height, is number twelve. Beyond the door, lying on a sliding metal table, is the body of Landon Phoenix.

I’ve always had a crush on Landon, ever since freshman year when his family moved to Silver Springs. I’ve watched him grow into his looks, no longer a gangly boy with braces. And I’ve longed to hear my name roll off his tongue in that deep voice of his. To press my lips against his as he holds me in a tight embrace. To share the same air as him.
Though now, all those things are impossible. Except one. I can pull open the door, slide the table out, and at least for a moment I can share the same air, even though his lungs can no longer pull in that air.

I hesitate, my hand on the handle. Besides my mother, this will be the only other person who’s died that I’ve really known. The others have just been people, random ones at that. The guy from the grocery store who jumped off Whibley Bridge into the icy waters below, the occasional patient of mine who’d succumbed to old age, and many, many others. But this is personal. This is someone I’d known. Or at least, someone I’d held secretly in my heart.

But I need to say goodbye.

About the Author:

Avery Olive is proudly Canadian. She is married, and when she’s not helping raise her very energetic and inquisitive son, she can be found working on her latest novel-where she devilishly adds U’s into every word she can.
When she is looking for a break Avery enjoys cake decorating, losing herself in a good book, or heading out to the lake to go camping.

The release of Avery’s first novel proves to her it won’t be the last. As long as her family continues to be supportive, she can find the time, and people want to read, Avery will keep on writing.

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