About the ZSCrew

Zombie Survival CrewTM is an expanding grassroots movement preparing members to survive a global cataclysmic event. By combining our skills and standing firm against the advancing hordes (and knowing when to run like hell) we stand our best collective chance at survival!

In late 2010 an unnamed secret government agency contacted Juliette Terzieff, hand selected for her leadership skills and rampant paranoia, and confided the disturbing signs which made it clear the Zombiepocalypse was imminent. She grabbed her “go bag” and trusted crossbow and began the search for recruits with the right skills, guts, and humor needed to form a cohesive crew.

With co-captains The Walking Dead’s Anthony Guajardo, Norman Reedus and IronE Singleton, and strategists LK Gardner-Griffie, Jinxie G and RC Murphy in the command center, the Zombie Survival CrewTM is taking recruitment worldwide.

Besides updates on all the latest and greatest conquests of Zombie Survival CrewTM mates like the Walking Dead Podcast and A Pale Horse Named Death, we’ll be reporting on zombie sightings, The Walking Dead fans and events, official Zombie Survival CrewTM events and opportunities for crew mates to hone their skills! Our mission? Taking human beings off the endangered species list one zombie at a time.

Authors, medics, actors, bloggers, pilots and engineers have all already joined the crew… now it’s your chance! But be warned, join now, because once the Zombiepocalypse begins you’re on your own …

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