Commander Monday: Viviana Chavez

Red Brigade, salute your Second Lieutenant, the lovely Viviana Chavez! She’s always there, always watching and always ready to lend a helping hand… even when you can’t see her. Undercover operatives are vital to the survival of any organization, and Viviana’s extensive behind-the-curtain experience makes her the perfect candidate for the most top secret of missions. From wardrobe to art department, casting coordinator to producer, Viviana has tried her hand at almost all aspects of the industry before stepping into acting.





Viviana hails from Atlanta, Georgia and earned her stripes at zombie preparedness as Miranda Morales on The Walking Dead,  To the eye that knows no better, she is a hard-working television actress with a brilliant smile and a loving, gentle personality.  After the Morales family separated from the Atlanta survivors in The Walking Dead, Viviana moved on to appear in the television series Necessary Roughness and Showtime’s Emmy-winning series Homeland. She has also been spotted in the made-for-television film A Cross to Bear and Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Firelight. In 2012 she worked on several episodes of the TV comedy Bethany, and also appeared in fellow ZSC Commander Anthony Guajardo‘s short film Arose the Coward.


Viviana with fellow commanders Anthony Guajardo and Addy Miller.


Viviana has also been known to venture into the convention circuit, appearing at Wizard World and other public events. Whether these appearances are simply opportunities to meet fans and her fellow actors, or part of undercover missions or recruitment work with the Zombie Survival Crew is anyone’s guess.





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