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Jinxie G is a creator and destroyer of worlds. She is both editor and author, and has discovered she’s quite good at the romance thing—writing it, that is—with vampires, werewolves, zombies, angels, and demons. Jinxie reviews books in her spare time, of which she rarely has any, and spends most of her time—when not working in the IT industry—chained to her laptop writing, editing, gaming, or watching movies. But mostly editing.

Born on Friday the 13th, her dad wanted to call her Jinx; her mom said no. After 34 years, she discovered the nickname, and she’s grown quite attached to it, thereby choosing the moniker as her interwebz handle. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with Umi (her mother), whom she cares for. She enjoys riding her beach cruiser “The Betty” around downtown Tempe when it isn’t being used as a clothing rack, loves a good pub crawl on occasion, and has had the pleasure and the heartache of experiencing a love far greater than she could have ever imagined.

She welcomes you to her worlds.

Jinxie is the author of the Kick-Ass Girls Club series book Nemesis, and the Prophecy series books The Dracove and Gods & Vampyres, as well as co-author in anthologies Into the Darkness, Undead Uncensored, and The 434 Revolution. She will be releasing at least three more books in 2016.

Email: jinxieg13 (at) zombiesurvivalcrew (dot) com

Weapon of choice: a compound bow or long bow and a staff – she is an Amazon, after all.

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