LK Griffie

Daughter to a┬árocket scientist and an artist, two-time award-winning young adult author LK Griffie is a little flummoxed as to how she wound up on the #zombiesurvivalcrew. Abduction at the point of a crossbow comes to mind. When not working on ways to survive the zombie apocalypse (if the flux capacitor should happen to stall), LK continues in her quest to rid the world of bullies, not much different than fighting zombies when you think about it—except you can’t shoot bullies without going to jail. And her mission is to provide young teens and tweens with good books they can connect with—because fiction is preferable to reality.

Dubbed the brains of the crew, LK divides her time between analyzing processes and developing tools to create efficiencies and writing into the wee hours of the night. See the way her twisted mind works in the things she puts her characters through in the award-winning Misfit McCabe Series (Misfit McCabe, Nowhere Feels Like Home, Tattered, companion book of shorts Diary of a Misfit, and soon to be released One Way Ticket)

Weapon of choice: flux capacitor







Proud Commander of the Purple Brigade

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