RC Murphy

When R.C. Murphy isn’t brandishing a sword and practicing her skill at decapitating zombies, she is busy wrangling vampires, demons, and various other vile creatures that go bump in the night. That’s what all writers do, right? Boy we hope so. Catch her imagination at work in the novella, Be Ours Forever and the prequel novel to her vampire trilogy, In Too Deep, as well as the first Inbetween novel, Enslaved.

Working out of her dungeon/office, R.C. spends her nights writing urban fantasy novels and a slew of articles—providing keen insight into what it takes to survive in an apocalypse and supplying ZSC brigadiers with the information they need to keep going. By day she is a not so mild-mannered stay-at-home-mom keeping an eye out for signs that the zombie apocalypse is upon us. She’ll let us know if California falls to the undead. Don’t worry.

Weapon of choice: Broadsword

Email: rc (at) zombiesurvivalcrew (dot) com

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RC Murphy


Proud Commander of the Orange Brigade

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