David Della Rocco

Every crew needs a Funnyman, right? Zombie Survival Crew members know David Della Rocco from his roles in The Boondock Saints series. On screen he was a stand-up and dependable guy that not only delivered hilarious punch lines, but made you think about the world as well. In real life, he is very much the same.

We know David will make a great First Lieutenant for the ZSC. He’ll help secure the area around Los Angeles during the Zombiepocalypse. Who knows, maybe he can make the zombies laugh themselves to death. It would sure save us all a lot of ammunition.

Weapon of choice: Chainsaw

Where to find David around the web: (Click on the pictures)


David Della Rocco

Officially Plugged In
David Della Rocco

David Della Rocco

Proud Member of the Orange Brigade


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